What Happened to our Site?

This used to be one of the busiest forums on the site. Now it's one of the deadest.
I miss talking Bombers with you guys (well most of you lol). Ya, we were over run with outside fans taking over our site, but the season is close, let's go!

Perhaps still hungover from the Grey Cup celebrations. A two year jag is a lot to over come. LOL!


Haha, yes - I know I got pretty blitzed! But really....it is dead on here...could also be the change over, took me awhile to get used to it. But I do miss the community we used to have here....Papa, Dan, Aulie, many more. Hope you're all still chatting Bombers somewhere!

I'm new to this site, but by my handle - I'm sure you know whom I support. Looking to engage

The guy who finally put long pants on needs to come on here .

Blue Bombers fan fulfills promise, wears pants for 1st time in 18 years after Grey Cup win

Now that's a fan .

Tampa? LOL

Nice to have another Bomber fan, we're very out numbered on here! What brought you here?

I posted on 3down nation for a few years, at some point they changed and you needed to be on Facebook, Twitter or other social media to post which I chose to not join. So I would read different sites and found this one, which only requires a Google account.

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I'm ready to talk some smack about my favorite team to hate. All in fun of course, I like Riders as long as they loose to us and are no threat in the standings LOL :grin:

Well nice to have someone to chat with! I too love hating on the Riders, but I do have a soft spot for them (shhhhh!). They are the most like us. Without the prairie teams, the league would have been done long ago.

Wait! New posters are now required to have a Google account?

I may have miss spoke, I don't actually have an account, just with outlook/Google? I'm older and do not understand how most things work or are called on the internet. It takes my five minutes to write this

Personally I post less on here now because I still find the "new" format awkward and annoying. That and there being no football. I imagine people will trickle back in.

I always assumed http://forums.bluebombers.com/ got most of the fan traffic? (Fun fact: I also very behind the scenes administrate that site!)

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There is also Morning Big Blue. And there use to be OurBombers . Perhaps that's why there are fewer posters. Too many forums. This is really the only site that allows interaction between fans of various teams which is GENERALLY good.


Things should pick up once the season gets underway ...I think covid has put a dent in all things concerning the CFL....Gonna be awhile before we get back on our feet