what happened to our game winning touchdown?

Did we loose another game winning TD with a dumb ass penalty?

I don't know about the call against Butler, but the call against Lawrence on that play was brutal.

From what I have heard, it seems like the call against Butler was marginal at best and likely phantom. In other words, I think we were robbed of a potentially game winning TD. That along with the "fumble" by Mathews that resulted in an Ottawa FG and killed a potential scoring drive for us were pretty significant in a game of this importance.

I didn't see anything or any replay so I'm just wondering how was it?

The call on Lawrence was just plain bad. He got called for a low hit, but when I watch the replay, it looks like it was just below the ribcage. Not even close to being below the waist.

The call on Butler, on the other hand, was deserved. Butler hit a Redblack player from behind. The player was well behind Stewart and had given up making a play on him. A classic case of a player in the following situation:

[b]RULE 7 – FOULS & PENALTIES[/b] [b]SECTION 2 – MAJOR FOULS [/b] [b]Article 3 – Unnecessary Roughness[/b] A player shall be penalized for any act of unnecessary roughness against an opponent, including but not limited to: (p) Unnecessary physical contact, including but not limited to, running into, diving into, cut blocking or throwing the body on a player who is:

(i) out of play, or
(ii) should not have reasonably anticipated such contact by an opponent, before or after the ball is dead; throwing a ball carrier to the ground after the ball is dead.

Here's a good close-up video of another TD that coulda, shoulda, woulda been enough to win the game. It appears, to me, that Banks had the reception and most likely would have held on for the score if Underwood hadn't run his cover man right into Banks, at almost that very moment. While I can't be sure, it looks, to me, that Banks, rather than Underwood, was Mathews' intended receiver and, if so, it was a very accurate pass.

[url=http://www.tsn.ca/cfl-must-see/video/cfl-must-see-kanneh-makes-circus-catch-int%7E740009]http://www.tsn.ca/cfl-must-see/video/cf ... t%7E740009[/url]

Definitely some confusion on those routes. Banks had the separation and positioning needed, and then Underwood messed it up.

On the floating pass to Fantuz that went incomplete - I truly believe that ANY of our other receivers could have made that reception; Andy looked about as slow as I (physically) am "running" for that ball...

I think we threw two TD floaters to Fantuz that anybody else could have caught, no? In fact it occurred to me that he's really lost a step on that interception in BC last week. He's never been a speed guy but that's three plays in two weeks where I was left questioning whether he's gotten slow or just isn't trying.

Andy Fantuz did look bit slow,but from the other end of the field it appeared the passes were way high and long carried by the wind.

I don't think you fault a receiver if a QB throws a pass at a trajectory that assumes he's suddenly going to run as fast as another guy on the team. Fantuz was fast enough to get open, he just didn't get a catchable ball.

It's just a shame that the one medium-range ball that was thrown perfectly got intercepted because (we have to assume) another receiver ran the wrong route.

as Pongetti pointed out, those 2 passes were indeed affected by the wind. All I’m saying is that ANY other receiver on the team would have easily caught up with the ball. I’m willing to give Fantuz a bit of slack coming back from injury, but it’s been 3 games now…

The league has admitted both calls were wrong:


A vindication for Lawrence but how ironic he was fined for dissing the officials then a day later, the League admits it totally screwed up and cost the TiCats a TD and probable win :frowning:

If they lose next game by less than those 6 points, that will just be icing on the cake.

Should also put all the SL bashes in their place… But somehow I doubt it.

Robbed , raped , screwed , shafted and we even lost our starting QB the 2015 refs are worse than last year , maybe the new rule changes have made the zebras jobs that much tougher :thdn: :expressionless:

he looked fairly fast before his injury could be a little bit of nerves of getting re hurt

Guess you were again wrong

I watched it again, and the league is right; the Ottawa player was chasing Stewart, although he really had no chance in catching him. I'm still not sure about the legal hit part, as Butler came in from slightly behind him. I suppose he might have gotten to the side before the hit, which would make it legal.

But I was right on the Lawrence hit being legal. :slight_smile: