What happened to Ochonono?

With ESPN televising this weeks game, you can bet Rod Black will be in heaven talking about Duron Carter and carrying on about the NFL... I'm sure there will be an isocam on Chad Johnson and Higgins will ensure that He is Atleast thrown the ball a couple of times. I'm sure they will spoon feed him a couple of 3 yard catches and his season total will increase to still somewhere under 100 yards.

In his defense, he can’t throw the ball to himself.

I dunno. I used to do it and I am no QB. Used to punt to myself as well :slight_smile:

Did you tell yourself you were going to do that or did you just throw or kick the ball when you weren’t looking and got hit in the head too many times. That would explain a lot though. :wink:

He's been completely washed up since what? 2010?

wasn't he injured recently?

.............and you know for sure that Black will mention that Tasker is the son of Bills great Steve Tasker

I understand Ocho been working out in private trying to perfect his "waggle", which might be unveiled very soon.

Maybe if he was allowed to work more the 4 and a half hours a day, he would of perfected that in training camp. Heaven forbid the league would actually have to pay its players a living wage so that they didn't have to work second jobs

At a minimum of $40-odd K for six months work I don't think players are working part-time jobs unless they do it because it is their off-seaon and likely post-careeer vocation.

But now with a QB that can throw, we might see more of him.

Well he led his team in receiving today... Maybe every Montreal game should be on ESPN...lol

It is called having somebody that can throw to him.

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

THAT is funny.....

Read into that what you will....