What happened to Nic Marshall?

I read Nic Marshall is not coming back to the Riders… why???

Roughriders cut ties with DB Nic Marshall after arrest on gun possession charge | CBC Sports.


People forget that if convicted he can’t even begin the paperwork to get allowed across the border for 10 years.


Thanks missed that piece of news. To bad he was a good player.

I’m not a Rider fan but I sure liked his game too.

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Its an unfortunate thing in some ways. Where they live its like a jaywalking ticket but at the border it gets matched up to the same Canadian law.

We usually see guys on the suspended list for every team and this is why. They get signed and can’t get across the border.

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Nic Marshall was a gambler. He took chances, on and off the field. On occasion he would look like a hero for guessing right, and getting a pick. However, that often meant leaving his assignment wide open, resulting in a TD. It was always all or nothing with him, not the kind of reliable player you need in an important game. One blown coverage in a playoff game, due to a gamble, could cost the team their season. Of course, playoffs are just a distant memory…and one of those missed playoff years could be directly attributed to a Marshall coverage gaffe. Not sorry to see him leave.

Not good at being a gun man tho