What happened to Mike Jones?

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He also said that he should be cut because he can’t get open and can’t catch. Which the stats supported until he was put in a position where he needed to get open and catch the ball.

Jones can’t catch the ball if it is not thrown to him. I suppose part of the problem is that Dane has not yet developed the skills to read the entire field. He does have that rookie tendency to lock onto a receiver or a specific area of the field.

Luckily for Jones, he is not working piece rate.

Condell needs to get Mike Jones and other less used recievers involved; draw up a few plays for each.
If someone can’t go, the second tier needs to be ready to go.

Right now, Jaelon Acklin is having a great rookie season

10 games - 33 Receptions, 463yrds, 2 TD’s, 14 yrd avg

He can catch the ball, 33 receptions on 44 attempts :slight_smile:

He’s definitely a keeper. Reminds me of a young Ellingson or Sinopoli.

Interesting that white receivers never remind anyone of a black receiver

Just what is that supposed to mean ??

Pat Lynch (the old person)

Or vice versa

I forgot to mention Fantuz also.

Interesting that this should come up. Not a reciever, but Streveller reminds me of a young Cam Newton. Now all Streveller needs to do is develop to throw the ball more acurately, like Cam.

Acklin is a good young reciever, but when you have the likes of Speedy, Tasker and as of late Addison, it sure gives Acklin and others more room to operate. It’s one of the reasons Mike Jones was so open in 2018; not sure whats going on this year. Maybe Evans is afraid that he might get picked off on that side of the field???

Speedy, Tasker, Addison and Acklin is what happened to Mike Jones. Three of the four have been playing in almost every game. Who would you throw to.

the guy who is open

Wide side receiver needs to be a lot more open than a receiver in the middle or short side, given how long the ball takes to get there.

Speedy, Tasker, Addison and Saunders were all on the field last year. It is just that June Jones actually incorporated Mike Jones into his play-calling instead of just being a mere decoy. Condell’s offence relies heavily on the slots instead. Using Mike Jones more would keep the opposing safety guessing and maybe free up some more space for Banks and Addison.

Addison didn’t play until the last game against Montreal and Saunders was out for the second half

We need to get Mike Jones involved as a deep threat. Gadget plays are great when successful but can lead to disaster, when blown up - like Speedy’s fumble.

There has been a lot of talk about Evan’s cannon but when throwing deep he seems to underthrow the ball. This has sometimes resulted in a pick. Either he doesn’t have the advertised arm strength or he does not have the timing down with the receivers yet.

It looks to me like Evans has a tendency on the deep ball to turn his body so that he is leading with his left shoulder and stepping into the throw like a baseball pitcher.

So either the receivers are out-running his throws, maybe due to timing, or his trajectory is off. On his intermediate throws, he tends to rifle the ball so that it sails on a flat trajectory, and comes in high on the receiver. Short yardage he is spot on, and, as we see by his completion percentage, deadly. Trouble is, we need the YAC yardage to have sustained drives.

Ottawa and Trevor Harris made Grey Cup run on those short tosses, no reason we can’t.

That’s all very true. My only concern is that defences will key in on our reluctance/inability to throw deep. Eventually they will move the DBs up to take away the short game since they don’t have to respect the deep ball. Throwing an occasional bomb might at least get you a 50 yard pass interference call. Even an incompletion will at least keep the defence honest.