What happened to Mike Jones?

Is he still playing?

Is he part of the offense?
I don’t even hear his name called…

The Eagle 18:14:01

I saw him run into the huddle late in the game, and it caught my attention because Rod Black thought he was “bringing in a play?. Old time football.

Back to running clearing routes and downfield blocking?

Have to think that Condell doesn’t trust Jones. Don’t think it would be Evans, since he and Jones apparently roomed together, so you’d believe they have some comfort with each other. My guess is Condell doesn’t include Jones as a primary receiver, or runs him so wide, Evans doesn’t use him.

No offense in the CFL uses the Z as a “primary receiver”. Nor the NFL, or any other football league for that matter.

If memory serves, Matt Coates seemed to feature more once Zach got settled in the Condell system.

I hope/expect Jones/Evans to link up soon as IMO Jones is superior to Coates.

Not a primary but can be used extensively in the right offence. Last year Jones caught for 841 yards and this year he’s on pace for only 237 yards. A 75% drop in production under Condell.

Jones was only thrown to so much then because he was one of the more experienced receivers in the June Jones offense, and during a long period of many of the other starters being injured.

The legend of Matt Coates lives on.
I promise this is the last time I do this.

Matt Coates
34 GP for the Cats
9 receptions
110 yards
In 3 seasons

Justin Buren
6 Career GP
13 receptions
172 yards
1/3rd of a season

June Jones also moved guys around. Mike was not primarily at Z every play.

Mike Jones is the Tiger-Cat with more threads dedicated to him than any other player outside the QB position. So he must have captured the imagination of the fans.

Did we ever find out what prompted his surprise retirement?

I know we have been on this carousel before with Mike Jones, and the “Z? receiver position, but I don’t understand why teams dress and play a guy in a position, and then don‘t use him. Why not dress and play an extra blocker, or a tight end?

This “Z? thing just feels like a way for American coaches to play 11 man football.

“Condell doesn’t use Tasker enough” is a strong second.

And neither question ever gets resolved.

5 recs .1 ball is a good answer.
Addison , Banks getting the most has worked out pretty well.

What’s funny is that is exactly what Gerbear wrote in most of his posts about Mike Jones.

What’s that old proverb again? Something about imitation and flattery. ::slight_smile:

I’m certainly not imitating him. It’s just the truth. And it’s a pretty obvious truth.

One of the few things he’s ever been right about.

Gerbear has been very informative and a good conversation starter despite his fantasy league approach to player management!

Mike Jones was one of the very few recievers who actually finished 2018.
Would highly recommend getting him involved in the offence - so when we need him, he’s can be effective.