What happened to Mccants

Just wondering but what happened to Mccants last week. Why not use both Mccants and Bauman with Gardiner and Ralph. Those recievers sound a lot more respectable than what we started with. And if everyone isn’t satisfied with the # of Holmes touches than sub him in at slot for Ralph. Opinions anyone???

He just joined the team, he's not going to play right away...

I believe he's been with the team now for three weeks or so. And he dressed the last game....so why not play him?

he's expected to play friday night

No I don't think he did. They dressed the two new import d-linemen and didn't have room for another import.

I dont think Holmes is big enough to catch across the middle(pretty large dudes hang out there)but he is fast and strong.He should be grabbing quick outs up the sidelines,he will score everytime.Hey! I think I just solved all their problems.!


took the words right outta my mouth, we should be using holmes as a scatback like arch and let him freelance and get open on the hot route reads, of course we gotta keep playing that moose dickerson to give jessie that lead block..

I used to love watching Danny hit Archie over the middle on that post pattern. Why can't we find that with Holmes. It is the perfect strike.


I don't think Bauman's performance last week is going to help McCants' playing time either. But I would like to see him get in to the game this week. He is sneaky fast!

I wonder how long it will take Maas to realize this...