What happened to Kenton Keith??

Where did he disappear too and will he play in the Montreal game?

He is injured and will not be playing in Montreal, they anounced yesterday that Holmes will be the starting RB and will still return kicks/punts.

i think kk should have shown some heart and dressed against bc. nobody seen him get hurt. i am a kk fan but i think its better if holmes starts.he has
alot of heart.he gives it 110%on every play.good luck in montreal go riders.

I have heard that he was caught sleeping with one of his teammates wives...........and the was a fight............charges may be be laided.........remember he was charged with picking up an under age hooker in the summer wasn't he????

I haven't heard specifics, but I do know the guy has a history of questionable off-field behaviour.....which is why I like watching him play, but don't consider him one of our "necessary" guys.....

so the question is.....................what's the matter with Shrivers........why is he still here............and why we are talking about that.............why is Rocky Butler still here..........he has been here for years can't move up the qb list..........and can't hold the damn ball for the kicker..........why hasn't he been replaced???

If Butler's got so much talent, let him play. If he doesn't, then let him go and bring in someone at third string that they can groom for the future.....that makes more sense than keeping the same benchwarmer for how many - three, four, five - seasons now?

Way to go guys, lets start up more shit about our players and draw more attention to how bad our team is. Why don't you guys just start up a potetion saying you want Shivers to get fired, then we canl go back to our awesome 3 or 4 win seasons and will really have something to talk about. You should all quit complaining about what goes on off the field. I've heard talks about firing Shivers because of the bad press. If you take Shivers and Barret away, then you can take half our talent with them.

.....then let them go.....I don't like Shivers.....I don't like his attitude.....I want him out, and I have for a couple years now.....if the players wanna be whiny sucky-babies and leave when Shiv and Barrett do, then I don't want them associated with the team I root for.....

KK is a great athlete but he does not have the size to be a running back. The guy is more fragile than cotton-candy in a rainstorm. Anytime I see those skinny shins dancing across the line I feel like its a miracle they can even support his weight.

I hear that KK left for home (US) on Thursday...would like to confirm this.

I like Shivers and Barrett - but I hope they take a hard look at our offense.

I've hear this as well - 'strange' stuff happening at training camps.

Well sleeping with another players wife then getting the living snot kicked outta you will cause you to miss football games... waiting for charges to be laid is the latest Rumor...

Totally untrue! Stupid Sask fans making crap up. Players have shot down this rumor. Its the fans that make players (FA) not want to play in Sk. Because of crap like this. This rumor wouldn't exist if Keith was playing and racking up yards. Quit perpetuating stupid sask fan stereotypes.

First an under age hooker, and now sleeping with a teammate's wife? Great piece of work you have there. As for trading him, my money says don't bother to even try, you aren't getting much if anything in return.

Go Esks

And just where is this "talent" going to go? Anywhere else, they'd be bench warmers, taking a huge cut in pay. Still think they want to leave Regina?

Go Esks

Sask had 8 all-stars. How many did Edm have again?

LMAO…this coming from an Eskimo’s Fan… You cheer for the Most over paid Under achieving team in the history of the CFL…

Why does 34 consecutive years in the playoffs as compared to 4, (2 by that lame cross over rule) come to mind? Same as 12 Grey Cups as compared to 2 in the Riders illustrious history. If that's under achieving , I will gladly take it :slight_smile:

Last time the Riders won the Grey Cup, fans of the team who post on this and other message boards were still in diapers. Back then, they were called Pampers. When the Riders win the Cup again, these same fans will be back in diapers. Only then they will be called Depends :slight_smile:

Go Esks

Lets buy another Grey Cup...yup the Eskies are successfull I am always the first one to admit that..which also makes Troll fans like you the most annoying...make your point and move on Troll...5-7 posts saying the same thing is getting a bit ridiculous....