What happened to Kahari Jones?

Anyone hear anything?

If Kahari Jones falls in a forrest, but nobody else is around to hear it, does he still make a sound?

maybe Kahari Jones, but im sure his close relative, the one who actually plays football, Khari Jones...will find work somewhere within the year.

-- "Would you like fries with that?"


He's not in Montreal yet??????????

Montreal Wouldn't Be Such A Bad Spot For Him, He'd Make A Good Backup For Calvio So That If A Situation Like Last Year Happends Again The Aluoettes Won't Have To Rely On White.

He is at his Tuscaney home in Calgary. It was on the front page of the Sun today!

I heard he is retiring from football to focus on running his new exhibit at the Calgary Zoo - the Khari Safari

–In the Calgary Sun today, it said he is back in Calgary with his family. He said he’s sitting back and waiting for a CFL team to call him. He said he knows it could be awhile, as everyone seems set at QB right now. Sounds like he’s waiting for someone to go down with an injury. I bet he’s wearing CFL colours at some point this year. And I bet that team will be from Ontario…

hamilton colours, i should hope.

a better question to ask there 3nd is “Does anybody care?” :lol:

I know the people of the Peg sure don’t!

:roll: Montreal doesn't need Jones. They have WHITE. Now all they need to have assured success in 2005 is RED!