What happened to Joe Hagins

Given the discussion that is going on in another thread about music being played during injuries, Joe Hagins came to mind. I still remember the sick feeling I had for him as he was golf carted off the field.

I know that what he had was a career ending injury with I think partial paralysis at the time. I have tried to google his name a few times with no success on the where is he now front.

Does anyone know what he is doing now and if the injuries were 100% permanent ???


As late as 2004 I would see Joe at some home games or up at Limeridge Mall.

He was truly a local hero in 1999 when his acrobatic catch in Montreal vaulted the Cats into the Grey Cup.

I asked Ron Lancaster once if their was a possiblility that he could return...his response was that his injury was too serious and another hit like the one he absorbed could result in permanent damage.

Unfortunate for a young and versatile athlete to have to succumb to a career ending injury :thdn:

Last I heard, he had worked really hard to rehab his injury and was able to regain most of the use of his arm. A pro career was out of the question, obviously, but really, that's hardly as important as his long term health. I remember hearing through friends that he was considering looking into coaching, probably at the college level. Don't know if that panned out, but man, he was a great player, and still is a great guy. Wish the best for him.

Joe has spent the last few years coaching highschool football at Cathedral and he also coached up until this year with the Steel City Ironmen of the OVFL. He now has taken a coaching position with Guelph university. He was also a guest coach at the Tiger-Cat training camp this year and overall has been very active in youth football in the city.

I love Joe. His injury was a terrible blow to the team at the time. He had the potential to be one of the all-time greats. He was at the Black and Gold game and I still see him at games. He's still one of the nicest guys around.