What happened to Jason Goss??

It appears that somewhere amidst this shambles of a season I missed the fact that Jason Goss was cut loose by the Tiger-Cats !! When did this happen??

I thought he was injured . . .


He returned home for personal reasons.

It's unclear if he will return.

he wont be back, hes gone to coach highschool ball down in arizona.

blitz 21 where did u get that from

his wife..and him, im a family friend.

Unfortunate, I liked him but lots of other players to draw from, you don't want to be here, see ya later and all the best.

He has a few very sick family members. Family before football should always stand!

Sorry, but that's a cop out, I have family members like my mother who is sick but I'm not moving back to my home town where she is because I have a job here. Jason can do this and that is fine, I have no problem at all, all I'm saying is that there is way more to this story than the fact he has sick family members IMHO.

He went to Arizona because he DOES have some serious illnesses in his family to deal with just like whoknows told you. He didnt leave the Cats for the puirpose of coaching a HS football team. I admire the guy for what he's doing. Family before a game.

Yes, I agree completely but I thought I heard at one time that something else was going on between him and the team? Maybe I’m thinking of another player, not sure.

Jasons heart wasn't in it so you may be right Earl.

He left because of:

  1. He wasnt getting his way
  2. The team wasnt in the right direction
  3. His “heart” wasn’t in it
  4. He had ill family members

in that order

In short, he was being a baby.

do you need another time-out?

Hey Miller,

What do you base that on? Jason has not commented on the situation so maybe you should reserve judgement.

Jason Goss has not publicly stated why he is not here.

The Ticats reported that two of Jason's family members
have life threatening illnesses

and he hasn't told them if, or when, he will return.

If that explanation is good enough for the Tiger Cats
it is good enough for me.

Some posters are using posts on ticats.ca
to make judgements about his motives.

Dangerous territory!

I sure wouldn't like people to judge me that way.

It is time again to say "Give It A Rest!"

to another "Goss is Gone..huh?" thread.

Well Said Ron! To say I'm disapointed with some of the comments by some fans, is an understatement! Jason was a very good player for the Ticats, is well respected around the league and a Great Guy! He deserves a little more respect than some show him!

hey Ron ,
I sure hope you felt the same way about Goss when he was spreading rumours about PaoPao and his playbook antics , ON TICAT.CA?

didn't think so.

Why does a player have to wait for family members to get sick before his private affairs get this so called respect?
Some of the same people clamouring for "respect" of Goss's private life turned right around and questioned Maas's heart and committment to the team because he comiited the unpardonable sin of not owning a house in Hamilton.

The username of the poster who started
that rumour about Paopao was Gossfan.

So, Geoffrey, you have proof that the person
hiding behind that username was Jason Goss?

I agree this post got way too personal;Jason Goss is a human being and a family member first and a Ticat way after that;some people on here can be so insensitive.