What happened to forum?

What happened to the forum "Bad news for CFL"

I thought is was one of the best forums I've been a part of. No one was insulting each other. It was actually a great forum.

some of the forum moderators have a power trip and delete stuff for no reason

Thanks secret-agent,

I was thinking that maybe we were getting to close to some top secret NFL/CFL plans or something. And the uper-ups didn't like the fact that Canadians actually know football.

it was a thread or topic, not a forum.

Ticat chat is a forum.

Darn it! I was hoping Stryka was going to strike me down dead with a few sentences, oh well, what can you do I guess.


There was no reason for the thread to be deleted.

However, what is really unacceptable is when it happens without explaination.

The person who did this should not only be releived of his modadmin duties, but should be banned from the site. IMO

and I didnt even have any real interest in the thread.

I wouldnt bother complaining to Bob about it though. I kinda think he may have more important concerns right now.

To Footballyoubet:

Thanks for the info. I'm still quite new at this. I thought every topic was a forum.
Thanks again!!

Have you ever been to China and been arrested for failing to toe the communist party line?

To laughinghard:

No, But my guess would be it's like dropping the soap in Jail?

Earl I don't do my fighting/hide behind a keyboard like some people.

but ya it's pretty weak that they deleted it,. better watch this ones next!