What happened to Elmer19?

He was a common visitor to the old forum, specially when there was a post about the good ol’ days. Anyboday has heard of him?

I remember him
Didnt like anything if I remember correctly

yeah I remember him don’t miss him

Boy, You guys just share the LOVE don’t ya, theres a whole bunch of people missing the only one I miss is turkeybend, he made me LOL most of the time, I miss his little stories that we could add onto, the only one I hope can’t find a computer is “I’m Saying” he really spoiled my day and the joy of being a CFL fan.

If those MIA (missing in action) experienced the turmoil I had in getting a password, I would expect that we may never hear from them again. I almost gave up, until I decided to e-mail the webmaster to voice my concerns. Then, lo and behold, I ended up getting about seven (7) e-mails with 7 different passwords.
But alas, when I did return, only a few remembered me. Maybe that’s a good thing.

I thought I was the only one with the password problem. I used to Renegadeswah!

Turkeybend became a member on this site two days ago (see the memberlist). Still waiting to read his/her first post.

Supersmith, we did remember you. You were the guy who convinced everybody on the former huddle that there really were hardcore CFL fans in Ottawa. I remember your enthusiasm during the Grey Cup week.

Elmer19 yes…yes…as I recall, didnt really like anything. (But himself)

wasn’t he upset with the name Renegades and wanted the Rough Riders name back. :?:

Yes password problems screwed me up to, took a month of foolin around to finally get one that worked, even now when I login I have to go throught 2 rejections before my password comes up properly, Glad to hear Tbend is backl.