What happened to Elimimian last night?

Just wondering if any of the "Know it all" Football Experts, on this site...happen to actually know, what ever happened to Elimimian last night?
Being that "we" were "actually" at the game last night , and not being able to either hear or repeat ( Word for Word) what ever they were saying on the Radio or on TV ( As Beagle always does, as he just pretends, to have been at the game lol) we saw Elimimian go down and stay down, for a period of time......but, have No Idea......what he did, ( My guess, it looked like a knee?) and how is he?
Beagle, are you able to tell us, what the Radio or TV broadcasts said, that he did?
Losing Elimimian, would be a HUGE Blow to the Lions!
Having said that thou......Elimimian was kind of invisible, for the First quarter.
It seemed , to take him a while.....to get into the game?

Ankle injury; no break....although Wally is concerned about how deep the sprain is.

That could definitely.....Hurt the Lions chances.
It just takes an unfortunate injury or two, at the Worst possible time of the season.....to end that Strike and the Roll, that the Lions are on..... Immediately.
That is why I keep telling all the Experts, to just enjoy the Run, while they can.
It can all come to a Crashing Halt......Real Fast!
Hope it is just a minor sprain, to Elimimian

Why do you care about, please go back on your medication