What Happened To Edmonton?

I didn’t get to watch a whole lot of the game, I was having a poker night but how did Edmonton only beat Winnipeg 14-12? I thought Edmonton would be able to annhilate the Bombers on Edmonton’s home turf no less. Ricky Ray didn’t throw for a TD and had 3 interceptions? Off night against the lowly Bombers? Someone fill me in I want to know how Edmonton didn’t run away with this one.

our defence kicked ass

The whole game was a comedy of errors.

Dropped balls for no reason, penalties, missed kicks, and overall sloppiness by both teams.

It looked a lot like a high school game, actually.

Eskimos offence looked like my pee-wee football teams when i was 7. And they still won… I had flashes of that playoff game last year against the Riders when maas fumbled a qb sneak on the goal line, knew right off the bat it was gonna be a bad night, thank god the bombers are horrible.

That’s funny, I also thought of the same thing when the Esks fumbled on the 1 on the opening drive…

We barely came away with that win. That was a brutal game. The Eskimos had so many undisciplined penalties it was ridiculous. Absolutelt Ray had an off night. Give the Bomber secondary some credit on this one as they did play well. Even when Ray did have recievers open, his accuracy was not there or recievers were dropping balls (see Jason Tucker get stripped of the ball by the wind while he was running untouched towards the end zone).

It was drizzling for most of the second half, but that really wasn’t the problem. Our offence struggled throughout the night. I am still not sold on our running game and even though McClendon showed flashes of it I think we need to keep looking or perhaps make a trade for a running back.

Defensively we played alright, but could have played better. I thought Joe Montford and Kelly Wiltshire had strong games tonight.

Personally I though Tony Tompkins had his best game so far this year tonight. Too bad his TD was called back. I would have to say he was arguably our best player tonight.

Anyway, last week I was happier with the way we played and we didn’t get two points. This week I was disgusted with the way the Esks played and they got the win. Guess that’s life as a fan eh. I know one thing, we won’t be getting wins over any other team in the league pretty much if we keep playing like that.


Although oddsmakers favored Edmonton by 20 points, anything can happen in sports especially in one game. For example, Ottawa beating Montreal 2 weeks ago. Toronto over BC in previous Grey Cup game. However flukes are less probable in long series. A full season of games is a better indicator of relative strength than any single or playoff game.

The Eskimos could have ran away with this. They shot thereselves in the foot to many times. They could have won by 30! Reasons why:

Tony Tompkins’ return was called back on a block that wasn’t even a factor in the return. Could have lead to 7.

Ricky Ray fumbled on the 1, it would have been a touchdown. Could have been 7. (theres 14 points now)

Sean Fleming missed three field goals (theres 23 points)

Ricky Ray fumbled from… nothing.

Jason Tucker fumbled from a long bomb. (could have been 7) (We’re at 30 now)

Trevor Gaylor dropped a WIDE OPEN pass at the start of the second quarter. (37 points now)

Give credit to the Bombers D though. From the middle of the second quarter, all the way to the last 40 seconds of the game, they played awesome. Ricky Ray had no receivers to throw to once Hervey was gone. Ed Hervey stretches the defence, and most of the time requires double coverage.

But the only thing that matters is two points in the column. The Eskimos got the 2 points ugly, but a win is a win. I’m dissapointed, because right now they could be 4-0. They gave away the Montreal to. Ricky Ray struggled. I thought Ron McClendon played well on his 11 carries. He had a 4 yard average, and thats okay. When your passing attack isn’t working like last night, you have to hand the ball off. They didn’t do it. I still think any running back needs inbetween 17-23 carries a game. The offensive line never helped him at all either. Ron took one carry, was grabbed in the backfield, and he shrugged him off, and went 15 yards. That was all on his own. I don’t know why they don’t use Elvis Joseph and Ron McClendon as a double threat like Toronto was doing for a bit with John Avery and Hakim Hill. (Or like TJ Duckett and Warrick Dunn for the ATL Falcons)

Ugly. Most EE fans can agree with that.

Maybe Joseph is still injured right now.

Likely, after meeting 4 times in the last two months the Bombers made some adjustments and were able to cover our receivers. Ray was off his game big time but play any team 4 times in a row and you’ll learn their game to some degree.

That, coupled with Ray’s off night made for a real horrible game to watch.

macoccia said in the paper this week he doesn’t see with this offense the rb getting 18-25 carries. Ricky had an off night. I thought the esks D was once again awesome. In esksTMAc assessment of left point he missed the pass to tucker in 2 quarter in the endzone which should have been interference and we got only a field goal. tompkins td should not have been called back Debuc tripped and fell in the side of the player as well as being 40 yards away and not in the play (guess what the same idiot linesman made both calls)

bomber defence was very good, eskimo offence very bad, did ray have an off night, probably, but the bomber defence played a part in it as well.