What Happened to Drug Testing Program Commish?

remember how this guy was hyping up how they're gonna get a drug testing program, well its 18 months and nothing has changed. Typical new commissioners/leaders of organizations always claim big changes, then when its time to put their money where their mouth is, they back down and keep silent. The drug testing program would never work , because the CFLPA would eventually appeal and you would get a big mess with all the arbitration. Also its too expensive for a mom & pop shop league like the CFL.

also what happened to that big stadium construction boom, the globe and mail, hyped up all this construction, well last time I checked there were no shovels in the ground and no stadiums being built, the cfl is a great league, but whoever is in the front office, has gotta make sure they have a legitimate plan in place to get things done, no more talking and hyping things up, just get it done.

Drug Testing...... It went up in smoke! :lol: :lol: :lol:

BC Place is getting a new roof. Won't start untill 2011, but the tenders are out there.

Can't speak for anywhere else, But I did read that McGill is supposed to expand by 5000 seats. Montreal posters.....Any accuracy to that?

You answered your own question.

They can't even suspend players in this league for dirty hits that take other players out for years (and potentially entire careers). You think they can do anything about drugs?

Until the CBA negotiations come up again, the drug testing program is going nowhere fast.

I think the drug testers all got stone one day and left town.

It was reported to cost over $1 Million for a drug testing program in the CFL, so the Player's Assoc shot it down during the last negot. They said if the league has an extra million to spend, they should increase the salaries to the players, many of whom had taken a pay cut to help teams through the tough times.

ok good explanation, i also dont see why the cfl needs a salary cap, it aint guys are making 10 million per year, baseball has no salary cap and it works fine, if the cfl wants some system to make it fair, have a profit sharing system with the tv revenuse, scrap the salary cap, im sick of teams cutting vets and replacing them with CIS players that lack experience or guys straight outta the NCAA that have no idea what they're doing on the field. No more salary cap. No drug testing, and the cfl should make sure the globe and mail stops putting out fake articles in which every team is building a new stadium.

No more salary cap = good bye CFL.

You think they want the salary cap just for the hell of it?

You think the team owners are getting rich off the CFL??

How old are you??

The teams do share TV revenue. The cap is the smartest thing the league has done in 50 years.
And the lack of a cap in baseball has all but ruined that sport. Anything else?

Oh yeah. The drug testing. I agree there. I could care less what drugs they are taking. Waste of time and energy.

Drug testing policies are a waste of time. Have such policies worked for the Olympics? The Tour de France? Major League Baseball? Have you read the Mitchell Report? I believe that it is impossible to stop professional atheletes from taking PEDs. How many guys in the CFL are clean? Who knows? And no amount of testing is really going to determine that. And how would you accuratley measure whether a policy has been effective? The only thing a drug testing policy does is improve a league’s PR image and reduce legal liabilities. Besides, do you really want a drug testing policy surcharge tacked onto the price of your game ticket? I think not… :cowboy:

Wow !The originator of the thread asked where is it? and why spin it? Not wether it should be or not be.

BTW its not jsut PED's and every life counts and there is government assistance to finance such programs.

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That's just the DEAD ones

TV revenue? Hah, that’s a JOKE! The CFL has that exclusive 5-year deal with TSN that locked up CANADA’s TV market ONLY (what, 2 million viewers tops?). The league has continually and woefully ignored TV markets elsewhere (the good ole USA anyone? Webcasts and Catch 47? Give me a break!!!).

Until the CFL gets their collective head out of their you know where as far as TV revenue and growing the brand in places other than Canada, they will always be a “mom and pop” league with not enough money to do anything (like fund a drug program or pay players decent salaries).

players are paid decent salaries, its the other leagues that way over pay their players.