What happened to Darren Flutie on CBC?

Where is he?

[url=http://www.broadcastermagazine.com/issues/ISArticle.asp?id=57071&issue=06132006]http://www.broadcastermagazine.com/issu ... e=06132006[/url]

i liked their 'three minute drill' it was pretty decent.

however i always thought Flutie looked awkward on camera.

I thought Flutie did a good job as a game colour commentator. Glad to see he will still be involved.


Flutie can't get there soon enough! That foursome they had prior to the Argo game was BRUTAL!

Sean Millington is terrible. He has complete marble-mouth! He makes Walby sound eloquent. One example, for those who were at the game, was his assessment of some player's ability to move "SIDEWARDS"! This was just the funniest of many goof-ups from this guy.

And Greg Frers is dreamy but, Greg, the camera with the red light turned on is the one you should be looking into! Obviously, nobody at the amateurish CBC has told you that yet! :slight_smile:

Greg was probably too busy looking in another camera's lens to see if his pretty boy blonde hair was pristine enough for the ladies. But to be honest, I like him and his knowledge of the game.