What happened to Clarence Denmark is whats wrong ith the CFL

CFL all-star in 2014. Average 2015 with 750 yards.
2016 Gonzo.. 29 years old
The SMS has destroyed any connection the fans build with players.
The guy just pulled a sick juke. He obviously is good enough.
Problem is, he needs to be paid more than the league minimum.

Sad but true

How many penalities did Denmark take… Try 0… You bring in new players and you have a flagfest.

If he can still play he will still play, has nothing to do with the SMS. He was lazy and took his spot for granted in training camp, and he was subsequently cut.

It's a business. Younger and cheaper is always the name of the game.

Just the way it is

SMS Plus the ratio. If he's Canadian he's still here.

Which, unfortunately, hurts fan loyalty when our favourite players get cut in favour of some unknown rookie.

Perhaps an incentive / rewards program of some sort would result in teams holding onto at least a couple of their long-term players? Maybe a portion of a couple of long-term players could be excluded from the SMS cap? Or maybe add two more national spots to the ratio, with up to two long-term players considered nationals?

Denmark still had a very respectable 750 yards receiving in 2015 (an "off" year for him) preceding his release and yet Andy Fantuz tabs 432 yards the very same year and pockets in the neighborhood of $200,000 while also keeping his job.
..and Denmark probably made just half that amount as an INT.

seems unfair but it is what it is unless further changes are made with the SMS or ratio which is unlikely.

As I've been saying, the number of national starters needs to go down from 7 to 6. With Ottawa in the league, the talent pool is just too diluted. There is no way most Canadian players in the league would hold their own in a fair competition with Americans.

I have long advocated that the cap should be lowered,but then a player recieves a 5000 dollar bonus from the league for every year of service. This way a 10 year vet, could play for the leavue minimum(keep his job) but still earn a 6 figure income

Interesting thesis Bungle BUT how many players can you name in the CFL right now that have played 10 yrs in the league ?

It used to happen a lot more but since the SMS teams are just discarding guys the second they lose a step.

I can still name players, though. Ricky Ray, Henry Burris, Chip Cox, John Bowman, Andy Fantuz, Nik Lewis, Josh Bourke,

now name the 99.9% of players who have played less than 10 years.

Well yeah, the point is that most players don't play 10 years. Hell, most players don't even play five years and that's sad. We want players to have 10-year careers, for fans to be able to buy jerseys and identify with those players over a decade or so and keep that continuity going across new communities of fans.

There's an article about him by Ed Tait on the site. It states...

Cast adrift in the spring after the Bombers splurged in free agency to add Weston Dressler and Ryan Smith, and cut in Saskatchewan after the Roughriders’ training camp...

So I think you're right. It sounds to me like he wasn't very productive (718 yards, not 750) and was replaced by (American) guys who were expected to be. Dressler is actually older and he's got a job.

Non-story. This is not salary-based or nationality-based, it's production-based.

Yes, that argument sounds a lot like the story of British Rail sending an inspector to a closed station after getting requests to have it opened again. The inspector then informed the public of his decision that the station would remain closed, as there was obviously little demand for it to open, given that there was never anybody waiting for a train there.

Problem: Veterans are being let go in favour of lower cost rookies.
Recommendation: Provide a way for veterans to cost less to the individual teams.
TW's (inferred) Response: As there aren't many veterans in the league, paying them less won't save teams much.

I'm thinking someone has missed the point.

The point about Andy Fantuz is a good one. An international player with Fantuz's stats making Fantuz's salary would have been cut a long time ago.

It's people like you who really piss me off, there is no need to put down the Canadian talent in the CFL. Have some respect for your fellow countrymen, instead of shitting on them.

Without Ottawa, a talented player like Capicciotti would still be stuck behind international players in Edmonton, playing special teams and maybe getting a couple plays on defense. If it wasn't for them drafting Pruneau, he probably would have gone to a team were they would have considered him a special teams player/ safety. Ottawa didn't see it that way though, they had the balls to stick him at SAM linebacker his rookie season. Zach Evans was a back up defensive tackle in 2015, who ended up finishing the season with seven sacks. Sinopoli had a 1000 yard season, doing so matched up against International defensive backs.

Ottawa isn't the only team to have talent though. Guys like Fantuz (CIS), Harris (Junior) and Messam (NCAA), have all had 1000 yard seasons. Josh Bourke has been one of the best left tackles for many years and the majority, he is going up against International defensive ends.

Their are plenty more Canadians on CFL rosters, who will never be given a real shot during their careers. They will end up being special teams players and may get some playing time due to injury. It did me proud last Riders game when Gainey went down and they had the confidence to put Campbell at boundary halfback. Usually a team would shuffle the secondary and the back up Canadian would have to play field cornerback. Their are some who say the CFL was at its best when they had more Canadians starting. Now a days you have more Canadians in the NCAA, the coaching in the CIS has improved and you have guys who came from Junior like Harris and Evans. I yearn for the day when a coach finally realizes that you can play a Canadian at defensive halfback full time. If they played that position in college, why not give them a chance. The same goes with Canadian quaterbacks. These guys spend there college careers reading twelve man defenses and throwing to every pattern in the route tree. In conclusion, I wish some people would stop it with the inferiority complex.

Agree100% CC. With some people's logic, why have any Canadians at all ? I say we need more Canadians , not less. Let's make the CIS draft an important and exciting event.. Just look at the hype of Andrew Harris returning home to play for the Bombers. We need MORE homegrown guys in this league....Sinopoli goes from being a top QB in CIS and becomes a top receiver in the CFL with nary a stumble. We have the athletes, why not use them ?

We may need more homegrown guys but what coaches are saying is that there are just not enough quality Canadians to meet the current quota. The question is should they reduce the quota to give teams flexibility?
Yes Sinpoli is a great player and one of the best receivers in the CFL no one doubts about that and a lot of other Canadians but the problem is the quota.

But the biggest problem we have right now is that elephant thing in the room we aren't supposed to talk about. Our quarterbacks are getting the (bleep) knocked out of them because too many Canadian offensive lineman are bad and overpaid ..
[b]QB injuries can be traced to Offensive Line Weaknesses[/b] [url=http://www.torontosun.com/2016/07/26/quarterback-injuries-can-be-traced-to-offensive-line-weaknesses]http://www.torontosun.com/2016/07/26/qu ... weaknesses[/url]