What happened to Bucky?

I completely missed this. Still nothing I can find in the news

He stubbed a toe and looks to be out for the season :lol: .. He is honestly the softest quarterback I have seen play this game.

But from what I saw it looks like an ankle sprain, from a defender landing on the back of his legs while he tried to scramble..

Alex Brink was knocked out cold and I fully expect him to be back in the line-up before Buck.. lol

If the Bombers don't replace Buck and Brink they won't win another game all season. The CFL is a little short of experienced QBs right now so I don't know who they can go after. Cleo Lemon?

You know exactly who they'd go after. It's the same guy that everyone goes after when they need a veteran QB in a pinch (and it's one that Winnipeg knows pretty well):

I wouldn't call Pierce soft...Injury prone??..Yeah,but not soft...

That guy has taken more than his share of hits and gotten up...He's a tough guy but his body can't seem to handle the strain sometimes...

Never ever count Bucky out, he can take a pounding. It was sure nice to see Coach Mass on the sidelines (NOT)

Lets let the Bummers have their own Bucky we have our Bucky and he sure looks like a keeper. :thup: