What Happened to Argo 91

Even I said the guy was annoying.. Everyone hated him, but then something interesting happened..
After he was banned or just stopped posting on his own, everyone started to realize that he was 100% correct..
It is now common knowledge that Braley is a cheapskate. Also it has been verified by doctors that Chris Rudge has numb nuts.
Did any of the mods out there ban him? Or did he just go on his own way, like the Llittlest Hobo after helping out a community?

He's dead

I think you are saying that you were Argo 91? You appeared about the time he disappeared.

:thup: Beat me to it!

R.I.P. 1991argo....born Sat July 20/13....died Tue Aug 26/14....949 total posts,mostly all about his LOVE for David "Cheapskate" Braley and his loveable sidekick Chris "Numbnuts" Rudge. :roll: :cry: :wink: :cowboy:

Cause of Death........Contract Sniper....prime suspects are "Cheapskate" and "NumbNuts"


Rumour is that the Sniper was last seen in Colombia stalking MrBungle :slight_smile: :cowboy:

Maybe David Brayley had him whacked? :cowboy:

Has anyone seen Bungle and Argo 91 in the same room at the same time?