What happened on Balsam???

In the fourth quarter there was a lot of comotion around the endzone stands and the stands that face balsam ave and I saw a ton of cops running that way. Throughout the whole quarter it seemed as the fans never watched the game and just what was going on in the streets. Anyone know what happened?

i dont no about the endzone stands. but in section 5 there was alot of comotion throughout the game, right where the blue team band was.

I was wondering the same thing ... I was over in Box J and saw everyone in the stands at the endzone leaning over looking at something ...

Someone on here's gotta know :?

fans got pepper sprayed.

there 2 fights right above us in section 5. As well below near field level something was happening but I could not make out what.

someone threw a can of beer (the tallboysize) from 20 or 25 rows up in the west end zone at argo punt returner dorsey.he could.ve hit a fan in the back of the head or one of the argo cheerleaders,or cameramen who were in the area. I guess the price of beer isnt so expensive after all that someone can throw a full can away.

There also were 3 drunk Argos fans.(2 guys and a girl). They were being beligerant and yelling osenitites at the crowd. Poilice were called over and started ejicting them and when then got to the gates the big guys got in a fight with the cops. They were haulled away. They were also pepper sprayed in the stands.

Oh...is that all?
Just another Labour Day football game at Ivor Wynne.

l was about 10 feet away in endzon and how it all started was the cops tried to kick a guy out for whatever reason but they had no luck this guy was about 6'2 230 lbs it took about 6 cops to take him down ad when they did it was a free for all, l guess his buddies didn't like how the cops handled there buddy so they went after the cops.

don't worry, there was even drama in sec 8 as well (read post Mr. Crouch / Sec 8 Fight)

this game needs to be moved to 1 pm and the west at 4:30 local time

i was embarassed to be in the midst of this last nite, it's uncalled for and only happens when the argos come to town

a whole day of drinking turns the situation violent

i'm not saying it's all the argos fans fault or all of the ticats fault, but the jerk in sec 8 was an argos fan and was told by event staff 2x and the cops once to simmer down

he was getting in everyone's face and in my opinion he got what he deserved

i have no issues going to toronto to cheer on the cats, people give me a hard time but i'm not up in everyones grill reviewing every play in great detail and telling them why they suck

if i want drama week in week out, i'll get bills tickets and put up with all of their b.s.

It's pretty rare that I'd say that a guy deserves to be beaten up for what he says in a football stadium - talking trash is just part of being a fan - but the Crouch jersey guy was real close. He was wandering back and forth between sections 7 and 8 all game, paying "visits" to the various people that rose to his challenge. As someone else indicated, he was asked to sit down multiple times by events staff and a cop. Eact time, a few minutes would pass and away he went again.

As the game neared an end, it became apparent there was going to be trouble (to everyone but him, I'd guess). It was like watching a foal stumble around in a forest full of salivating wolves - there were two or three groups of guys that looked like they were just looking for him to give them a reason.

I gathered up my young son and left, not a minute too soon from the sounds of it.

It was crazy in the end zone my wife was pushed to the ground getting stepped on kick but some kid in a black dress shirt with a radio picked her up then started to break up the fight thanks

was crazyness in the endzone

there was the guy that got pepper sprayed

the guy smoking that got told to stop

bunch of guys behind me sat on the seat and the bench broke

and the numerous fights

and that guy that ran on the field was sitting in the endzone

It seems that despite what they were told by Dean Wormer, some guys still think that "Fat, Drunk and Stupid" is a way to go through life. :lol: