What happened in the second half?

What happened to the offense that we saw easily move the football in the first half? The offense that ran the ball effectively, stretched the defense, and moved the ball at will?

You can blame the loss on Congi if you want, or Fantuz, or the defense, but in my opinion this loss falls squarely on the shoulders of the offense.

How do we get so many receivers offside each game? Why were we afraid to try the things we did in the first half again in the second half?

You can't play conservatively in the CFL for an entire half and expect to hang on for the win. By all means we still had a sloppy first half, but we mixed it up and kept the defense off balance.

It's like we saw a University team come out for the Riders in the 2nd half, they were confused, lacked the fire the opposition had, and were not discipline.

I was pretty dissapointed in the latter half of this game and I truly hope they play a full 60 minutes next week.

Whoa, comparing a University team to the Riders? What an insult! To the university team that is.

i have no comment on the second half :oops:

It seemed to me the Riders were more concentrated on getting hammered after the game, and werent concentrated on finishing the game. There is no way you should lose a game that you are up 19 points at half. It's games like this that seperate contenders from pretenders, and I'd say the Riders are pretenders yet again for another season. I'm sick of all the medeocre football this team has been playing, and if they don't smarten up, Austin better be done as well as Tillman. Change the offence so we aren't passing on every down please.

dude its only four games, calm down

The season is not a sprint, it's a marathon. It's just sort of scary to see the team sort of just flick a switch and be a total opposite.

You need to be able to win when you go up like that, that could be potentially the decider of whether or not we host a playoff game.

Right now there are teams that are consistently good like BC and consistently bad like Hamilton. We are both and it sucks. It is like a coin toss every game and you never know when to say enough is enough cause the next game will be the best game you have ever seen or have ever missed.

The first half was played very well. The second half the team sort of took on Fantuz's appearance. ( lackluster, frustrated with themselves, and non productive. )

Give credit where credit is due, Esks O Line in the 2nd half.

I wanted to see Crandel in the second half. Austin doesn't know when to pull a QB

I was thinking the same thing. Although Joseph wasn't bad, he certainly wasn't stellar. 16 for 32, 200 yards, and mostly in the first half.

Perhaps they should let Crandel start a game and see what he can do with a full 60 minutes.

As a neutral observer I was surprised the Riders didn't play to Joseph's strenghts when down close to the goal line or on the 3 and 2 gamble.
Which to me would be put in a tight end and Szarka at fullback and run the option with Joseph and Cates. That would be a lot of big bodies coming around right or left end for any defense to stop, even if they knew it was coming. I think sometimes OC's outsmart themselves.
But to me with a big running back type QB like Joseph, a 230 lb fullback, a 215 lb running back, a 290 lb OL/TE and a 220 lb slotback to block it would take some kind of outstanding defensive play to stop Joseph for little gain. Maybe they're saving that play for the GG. :smiley:

Well that was Nice the new look Riders with the same old results. The Rook coach got out coached, Edmonton made adjustments we didnt Its been 7 yrs without a win in Edmonton show your Alberta fans some respect and at least show up in the second half. As far as changing QBS Kerry had no time and no open rec. and when they were open they dropped the ball or there was a penalty. I just cannot understand how they do this every year in Edmonton and expect to be considered contenders show some nads your suppose to be pros!

It’s time that Fantuz sit down. That’s three games now he’s had the dropsy’s. It sucks, but that’s reality. He looked like a whiney baby by the end. Get over the NFL and focus on reality Andy!

And after Wes Cates’ performance. I think he is our undisputed RB. I’m sick of this Childs-Cates tandem. Cates is young and inexperienced. He will be good if he’s giving the entire game. And should he get banged up…Childs is not that bad

I thought the coaching in the 2nd half stunk. Ricky Ray was killing us with those 9-10 yard passes over and over again and the D never adjusted as a whole unit. Our offence never adjusted when the worst D-line in the league kept collapsing the pocket. You have to make adjustments and our coaching staff never did that after Edmonton’s first scoring drive.

This loss was a failure in coaching! Remember Austin is a rookie after all.

the defence did make adjustments after the first touchdown it was the first two and out by the offence you can't do that after a big scoring drive. The d settled down. in the first the deep ball wasn't working for Edmonton so they were using the short passes. Why couldn't the offence do that for the riders instead of trying to kill them with one shot.

i dont know if it is time to calm down? IMO time to look at Crandell and let Joesph sit on the bench :wink:

Did you see the same game everyone seen it wasnt the QB . Everyone in Canada knows its going to be a throwing play the D pinned them back and came at them and the oline couldnt handle it.

I agree 100%, Joseph and Cates on the option, in the BIG formation would've probably gotten 6 yards + every play almost all day.

Edmonton cannot be underrated.

Esks obviously adjusted in the second half (which every team should do no matter what the score). They adjusted but the Riders did not. Or the Riders did adjust but not well.

Either way, relax.

Why doesn't everyone just get off Joesph's back he is putting the passes on target about 90% of the time the recievers aren't catching them. Is bringing Crandell in really gonna make the recievers catch the ball.