What Happened in SSK with Henry Burris?

Can someone please explain the circumstances of Burris not signing?

I'm only curious because it appeared to be a perfect fit.

My understanding was that Burris wanted more money and a guaranteed future with the Riders. When he was promised neither, which was clearly illustrated when Greene was named our number one QB, Burris took it as a clear hint that his future here was likely not secure, and he signed for more money elsewhere. Not sure if that's all there is to it.

Hoopster where have you been this has been talked about since April. The newspapers had the stories are you trying to bring the Burris thread back please thats not start that again. Again JM02 good post!

Someone's bitter about the loss to Ottawa!

Burris 4-8 until Dominguez came back.
Greene/Crandell so far 3-5.

Win 2 of the next 4 games we are better than Burris so who cares. Come to think of it if we'd have had Burris in the Hamilton games right now I'd say we would be 1-6.

... Which is why the Stamps are 3-3 ... ?