What happened Esks fans!

TWhats going on in Edmonton, You guys used to be passionate about the EE now it seems nobody gives a cr*p . our message board has the fewest post and they are usually at least a week old before a new one appears.
If you guys want your team to respond with wins then it all starts with the fans. You need to scream from the rafters for changes to managment and coaching , Call into radio shows demanding changes call the front office do whatever you can to make your voice heard ! If you don't do it now then you will be stuck with the same losing teams year after year. I don't want to be another Hamilton.
We were the envey of every CFL team and they feared us nomatter where we played, our fans were the loudest and most respected in the league WE WERE THE CLASS OF HE CFL! to me we have become complacent with the product on the field, we need to change! Lets rally the troops and demand Changes and get back to the Esks of old.
I live in Vancouver and go to all the Esks games here wearing my Ray jersey and waving my Green and Gold flag , I take alot of sh!t and abuse doing it so the least you Guys can do is be more Vocal about the Team.

Crowds getting smaller there too. Lots of broken ankles there. Growing city and all should be full. BOO Edmonton BOO

Bobby you are bang on..

Why is it that all Vancouver teams when winning always have to troll on Edmonton forums, are they that so insecure with themselves that they have to run to our sites to show us what their team did. they are just like a little brother always wanting approval from their big Bro, well kiddo take a hike.

Why did Speed kills agree with me?
You started this post Im merely adding to it come see us anytime on BCs.
I cant stand the Canucks this is BC s team not Vancouvers cant stand Vancouver either.
Exactly the Eskimos have the best fans thats why I added here where are they I was there in about 88 for my first ever game and I couldnt believe all the buses from people out of town. Roar Lions Roar made me laugh.
I couldnt really care who wins or loses not going to kill me.