What happened at the 'non-parade' at the Grey Cup?

Inquiring minds want to know? How did it go on the Saturday at 2 p.m.? Who came? Any support from fans of other teams or odd stares from Torontonians?

Mark: Canadian Press fed out audio clips of the A____o guy who organized a "band" to march downtown. The guy called it a protest instead of a parade because apparently in Toronto you need a permit for a parade but not a protest. He said he was protesting the fact there was no Grey Cup parade . :smiley:
Hard to tell how many people showed up but it was a great story.

It was an overwhelming success. We had 2 bands...Argonotes at the lead and Riders Pep Band at the rear.

There were fans of every team represented, complete with flags and banners, horns and noisemakers. Including Baltimore and Ottawa!

We marched around a few blocks for about 25 minutes and ended at the Convention Centre.

It was like "the Pied Piper" because people kept joining in as we went. I would say by the time we reached the end..there had to be at least 1000 people involved.

At one time, as we were rounding the corner and going up the stairs...I looked back and it was FANTASTIC...the school of Humanity ...all singing and chanting!

The cops were Great...No Problem at all! They actually helped with traffic as we crossed streets!

There are plans to do it again in Montreal! Many expressed dismay that they missed it! It could become an annual event!

Better yet, what happened to the pictures we took last year with the Grey Cup at the State of the Franchise Bash? We never received them by email. What a joke!

We did the same thing in Ottawa complete with the Calgary Horses and a full police escort two laps around the Ottawa Market Square.

Saturday afternoon we saw some people notably the Calgary Group milling around, so we went over and had a look. A couple of guys from Hamilton Grabbed us and said we were marching in the Grey Cup parade! (which was not scheduled).

Off we went downtown Ottawa, Stampeder Horses and Buggys, Marching Bands, Banners and 7 of us from Hamilton Oskee Wee Weeing around the market waving to all the transplanted Hamiltonians cheering us on as we walked through town in our spot right behind the enthusiastic group of Alouette supporters, banner and all.

It was one of the proudest moments representing Hamilton and C.F.L. we ever had. It was a great story and a highlight of the Ottawa festivities.

I will be there Sat at 2pm next year in Montreal! :wink:

Kudos to Woody and all who were in it, :thup:

I was proud to be a CFL fan walking along the parade route with the other fans :thup: