what happend to our team with a long term goal in mind???

What happened to the team with a long term goal to make the city a winning city? We just fired the coach of the future for a coach that we fired 3 years ago beacause the team said they needed to move on... The offensive coach has done such a poor job and the head coach is taking the fall. we have a great quarter back that we wont let throw the ball more than 7 yards. we have one of the most talented back fields in the league and we dont use them until it is too late.. we go get all of these big recievers and then our fantastic offensive coach wont call plays that get them the ball..

Mr. Young if this team starts to win it has nothing to do with you firing Mr. Marshall... it has to do with him getting them to grow into a team that can win.

You have done alot of good things for this team and this city.. this was not one of them

Jason :?

Ron's just an 'interim' coach, just like Katz was the 'interim' gm last year. If Ron turns this team around then he'll be our coach next season, if that happens I'd like to see them bring in a young o.c for Ron to groom, and teach to be a solid hc in this league.

so true jason

Maybe Ronnie can plant some of the seeds
that you are feeding us in Joe's head

and the team will start to grow.

Keep them coming!

Maybe these guys are just not as good as we all think they are. I still say the Cats need to find some talent on their own. Forget trading for players based on past performances. Most have probably peaked out and are on their way out. Get some new young fresh talented guys who want to put out

  1. Ron is 68. I doubt he's in for the long haul.
  2. Until the Offensive line improves, it will be tough to establish the reliable if not spectacular running game essential to a true ball control offense, and it will be tough to throw very far downfield as those plays take longer to develop.
  3. We need to truly shift from marketing to football, which means improving in the trenches, instead of signing a surplus of receivers and backs.

offensive line improves...ball control offense...improving in the trenches. BANG ON! Good post.

I doubt Ron knows what ball control is, nor do I want to know what he thinks it is.

The running play to him is used to keep a D honest, expect to see allot more chucking, and allot more ducking.

Ron Sr. will not be calling the plays. Ron Jr. is not here any more -- Paopao will be making the bulk of the calls, with Maas making the odd audible. The ball control comment really doesn't matter given this fact.

As for Ron not knowing what ball control is, I could recite the rushers he has successfully coached over the years...but I will simply ask: who handed off to George Reed all those years???? :wink: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Oski Wee Wee,

the really good thing about this move is that it allows us to concentrate on who our next head coach will be...

(my first two suggestions would be greg marshall (the other one) or Kent Austin... doubt he'll make the switch tho.

I ask myself this again and again.
Whenever they acquire someone with
a good track record, they trade them
for butterfingers.
Marshall, Montford, Davis, and even Brazzell, comes to mind.


very good question- what happened was katz hired Paopao. One thing about Marshall, he is a players coach, and even though the team had Paopao, Lancaster(as an exec)it was Marshall and CIS that was made to look bad. I think we may see the real playbook now. hate to say it. But as a fan just want to see the team win (some) as a Canadian it was hard to wach Marshall take the fall!!