What happend to Nealon Greene?

What happend to Nealon Greene?
I remeber him with the Als but nothing after that

he got cut toronto wanted to find him but they couldn't he disapeared, probably to mexico


...you should really seek some help for that, jman...:stuck_out_tongue:

It raises an interesting point. I wonder if the powers at be at CFL.com would consider adding a new feature to the website, something to keep us occupied over the long offseason, on "where are they now?"

We could submit names, and then they could check it out and give us the word on the current status of former players we are interested in.

Might be interesting.....certainly beats some of the other nonsense going on around here during this offseason.....

Even the CFLPA has no clue where most ex players are. LOL! CFL office MWAAHHAAAA!

You bored MadJacke :stuck_out_tongue:

Very !!

I'm backing you up, Jman.
If Nealon doesn't break his leg, he likely is still playing somewhere.
It does seem to be a bit of a mystery as to where he is these days.

No, methinks his career is over. He was brutal in his few appearances with the Als. Almost as bad as Ted White.

Please note, I said "almost."

....I like your idea MadJack....it would add a little something and break-up the winter doldrums..kind of a 'player trail'...would be interesting.. :thup:

I agree. I still say that was our year.

Ever heard of www.canada411.ca ? I'm sure the guy has a phone number. Check it out:

[url=http://findaperson.canada-411.ca/search/FindPerson?firstname_begins_with=1&firstname=Nealon&name=Greene&city_zip=&state_id=&x=62&y=15]http://findaperson.canada-411.ca/search ... &x=62&y=15[/url]

In a related story, me and some friends had a fairly uneventful Superbowl party planned in 2005 until I brought out the party favors which was a hat full of phone numbers of former NFL all-stars and flops. Well we figured we couldn't go bothering them all so we decided to pick one and called up Brain Bosworth. After we explained, he was talking football and shooting the bleep with us. Overall I'd say he was nice and wasn't even weirded out by the call from strangers. He thanked us for calling in fact. You'd be amazed at who is listed publicly.


Good riddance to the happy feet, all the over throws, mis- reads, and telegraphing his passes into double coverage....yup.....he might as well have been throwing hand grenades instead of footballs.........GO RIDERS

No way. Nealon Greene = my favorite QB.

Nealon was, is and will always be my favorite QB as well. He was the most dynamic QB I have ever watched and will always miss him greatly. The years he was here were the most exciting games I've ever watched. With Nealon, we always had a chance to win. We never got blown out and the game was always exciting. When we did lose it was always close, usually by a single score or less. Will never forgot the Hamilton overtime loss

Last I heard of him since being cut by the Als he returned to Clemson and was taking university classes. When TO lacked a QB last year with everyone injured leading to their terrible start, Pinball was trying to track him down for the Argos but Nealon refused. Pretty sure Nealon is retired for good now. But you never know, maybe he'll decide to come back if he gets another offer in the future after he's done his classes. I mean look how long Allen stayed as a starter and recovered from broken legs and whatever else. for now we can only dream of the return of Nealon someday if he stays in shape

Nealon was, is and will always be my favorite QB as well. He was the most dynamic QB I have ever watched
holy cow. Then you never saw Moon, or Flutie, or Dunnigan or....

Who dat?


747 adams to rider fans :wink:

I would put joey 747 adams in the same category as nealon green....an also ran...at quarterback.

yup, always did like the ones that also ran :thup: