What Grinds My Gears

Even though we beat the Blue Team websites like TSN and Sportsnet hardly make a mention of it. They speak about a few Hamilton players briefly and then go right to talking about Joseph, Bishop and Vanderjagt. If I just glanced over some of these articles I'd probably miss the fact that the 'Cats won the freaking game!

And on another note...

This season isn't looking very promising. We won both of our pre-season games. Uh oh! lol

Rusty, you have to realize that to the Toronto media, there are just two places in the world,. Toronto, and everywhere else.

And only one of those has any importance.

It's funny though... Toronto is like a jealous little brother. They're not happy with anything unless that have what the other guy has... i.e. The NFL. Rather than embrace the CFL and enjoy it's history, uniquiness, etc... The just want the NFL.

The grass isn't always greener guys!

The first thing i seen when i go to TSN's website is

Then in the summary,
"Kerry Joseph made his case to be the Toronto Argonauts' starting quarterback with a solid but unspectacular performance during a 28-21 loss Thursday night to the Hamilton Tiger-Cats in the final pre-season contest for both teams. Full Story."


Yeah, they mention that the 'Cats won... I said if I skimmed through it I'd never even know who won. Obviously I was just making a point and not being literal. Stop being a troll.

But the point still is...

The main focus on the story is still the Blue Team. Regardless of anything else going on in the league.

Bishop could have a wet fart and TSN will print it. Printers could run for a 326 yard TD and throw a 756 yard TD pass to Stripes and TSN would have a headline like this...

"This just in... Argos trainers use new detergent for washing jock straps... and some guy in Hamilton did something, too"

yea, dont be a troll by posting the facts that hurt his argument...troll

No need to call me a troll, i was merely stating that the first thing I see when i go there is what i posted, you don't even have to skim through the article to find out that the cats won. Anyways, i don't want to start something here over nothing, i had no intention of coming across as a troll and hopefully we can put this behind us.

It's already done! :slight_smile:

I guess the best way to explain what I mean is like this...

The article says that the Argo's lost... not that the Ticats won!

Know what I mean?

It grinds my gears too rusty! The video coverage is even worse. There are one or two positive Cats plays shown. The bulk of the story is on the Argos.

They took a shot at Printers and the Cats offense as well. It sounded sarcastic when the reporter says something like "The Ticats with Casey Printers at the helm for a full training camp vow to revamp the passing attack - and Casey Printers gets sacked three times in the first 17 minutes". This wasn't simply reporting, as the reporters voice was clearly dripping with sarcasm. They then proceeded to show the three sacks, not in the natural reporting of the game, but lumped them together one after another. Yes he did get sacked three times. Yet if you're going to mention him, he also completed 63% of his passes for 147 yards in a couple quarters of football. There was nothing of the positives that the Cats offense produced under Printers. That segment I thought was particularly inflammatory.

This has been going on for the past couple of seasons with TSN kicking the Cats around. Stick to reporting the facts gentlement in an unslanted fashion.

given the NFL stuff, I think anytime any media focuses on the argos, its a great thing. Let the media of other cities focus on the other teams.

8) In reply to "What Grinds My Gears" topic, I find it so ironic that so many people hate the Toronto Argos and hate the Toronto media even more, but in the same breath a lot of those same people will proudly don a Leafs, Blue Jays or Raptors jersey and swear those are the best teams in the world, and gobble up all the Toronto media propaganda regarding those said teams !!!!
Simple mind boggling !!!!!!!        <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

Hmmm.... Does that mean that you think that TSN stands for the Toronto Sports Network? And here I thought it was a national station. A more even coverage would have been better.

Don't you know where the Rodney Dangerfield of Football Teams when it comes to the Media in Canada.

"we don't get no respect I tell no Respect at all

Frankly I like being the under Dog lol

Leafs - not everyone likes them, in fact, many people hate them (myself included). The people who do cheer for them, I don't know, I guess they're missing a few brain cells.

Blue Jays and Raptors - people cheer for these teams simply because they are the lone Canadian representative in otherwise All-American leagues. We don't cheer for them because of the city they play in, rather the country they play in. If they played in Vancouver or Montreal, I'd like them just as much (probably even more).

reality is that the writers for TSN mostly likely live in or near Toronto, mostly.

Do you understand the irony of this complaint against how so often, so many, complain that Toronto based media do not pay the argoscfl enough attention?

TSN Headline:

Toronto finishes second!! While Hamilton drags in next to last....

no mention of it being a two team race... lol

so what, is it preseason, i believe we are 6-0 the last 3 years and we know how the previous 2 years went. I concerned about our offence, i saw both games and not impressed with Printers at all, nor was I last year, he hasn't played in 4 yrs. Also Bauman is a but thus a wasted 1st overall pick, hope that guy gets cut from Indy, also heard a lot about a Jackson receiver but he did not play in either game How can you keep him

Based on our preseason, our strength will be our defense. If this is going to be the case, our offense did just fine. All we need is a QB who will not turn the ball over or make huge mistakes, coupled with a half-decent running game. In this area, Printers did fine in both games (especially the second one).

No need to worry, I don't think (but then, with the Ticats anything is possible).

Its pre-season who cares, aslong as it isnt a repeat of last year :expressionless:.

The point is well taken as all of the supposed NATIONAL sports stations, TSN Sportsnet & CBC, are Toronto based and favour whatever Toronto team is playing that day, whether it be the Argos or the Leafs. Kind of ticks me off, or grinds my gears, when you watch a game believing that the broadcasters should be unbiased, especially at the start of the game, and that the coverage should be fairly equal to start and then favour the winning team slightly later in the contest, only because that is more newsworthy.
Actually when the game is televised it is better to mute the sound and tune in to Y108 or AM900.
I guess media support for the Emerald City will never change and Hamilton fans hating the Argos and all that Toronto stands for likely won't change either.