What Grey Cup games you have attended?

1999 in Vancouver
2000 in Calgary

1992 Toronto
1996 Hamilton
1998 Winnepeg
2000 Calgary
2001 Montreal

1996 Hamilton :smiley:


1990 Grey Cup in Vancouver. Bombers vs Eskimos. Bombers destroyed them.

2003 Edmonton
2005 Vancouver

1992 Toronto
2001 Montreal
2004 Ottawa
and hoping to pull off 2006 Winnipeg

2005 in BC is going to be my first

I’m hoping to be be at the 2005 game in BC


I was a bonehead and missed the opportunity a couple years ago when Edmonton had it, but I went to the 1993 Grey cup in Calgary. Edmonton beat Winnepeg 33-23.

to over calgary in wpg 91top row temp seating chilling winds. now that’s football.

I have been to the 85 game in Montreal
93 in Calgary
95 in Regina (The American Grey Cup) :frowning:
97 in Edmonton
98 in Winnipeg
00 in Calgary
01 in Montreal
04 in Ottawa

I 'm a Rider fan, and lived in Regina for a while, so I went to 2003 at Taylor Field. I now live in BC, so I’ll be going to 2005 in BC Place. Prediction? Saskatchewan vs. Montreal. I could be wrong about the Als, but I know I’ll be seeing my Riders there!! Go Riders Go!!

05 - 4 people already committed to going
01 - 4
00 - 3
92,93,96,98,03,04 - 2
85, 90, 91, 95, 97, 99, 06 - 1

05 - 4 people already committed to going
01 - 4
00 - 3
92,93,96,98,03,04 - 2
85, 90, 91, 95, 97, 99, 06 - 1

No one went in 2002 and 1994?

90 Vancouver
92 Toronto
95 Regina
96 Hamilton
04 Ottawa

Total 5

1976 , in Toronto…Gabriel , makes the REAL catch to beat , SASK. on the last play.

1989 , in Toronto…Tony C. makes the second great catch on thrid down and goal with 3 broken ribs , only to be beaten by a field goal kicker with no time on the clock. SASKS WINS… SASK. WINS!!!

1992 , FLUTIE , and company beats WINNIPEG in Toronto…DAVE S. wins Canadian player of the game. I see a great name for a CFL team in NEWFOUNDLAND…The Gander GUPPIES.

1996 , THE SNOW BOWL , in HAMILTON. Flutie did fumble but what a catch by an Edmonton player.AWESOME. Over 80 total points in a snow storm.

Let’s see MIAMI and NEW ENGLAND do that.

It was nice to see the ARGOS win the GREY CUP in Hamilton.

2000…CALGARY…DAMON ALLEN , does it again. GREAT GAME…I saw The TRAGICALLY HIP, during GREY CUP week…and the GUESS WHO at the the half time show. HEAVEN!.. LUI P… goes out with a bang.

2004…probably the best organized and most fun GREY CUP…the underdog TORONTO , proves again that defence wins championships …40 year old DAMON ALLEN , does it again with his brother , MARCUS , there.

Great GREY CUP parties and , The HIP , at half time…and it is ALL on DVD from the CBC…

Whats with people spelling Winnipeg the best football city, Winnepeg!!spell it right morons haha

MAYBE they should win more GREY CUPS and more people will remember how to spell it :wink:

What GREY CUPS have you been too.?