What good is having a GC Festival Site if you can't see it?

ok CFL.CA you've dropped the ball big time on this one.

I click on Grey Cup Festival and it says site is unavailable due to high traffic volume.



you think you'd be aware of this possibility and make it so that this doesn't happen!

good job guys, way to mess up.

It's not CFL.CA's fault. http://www.greycupfestival2010.com is hosted independantly. CFL.ca does link to it, but it's separate. It seems to be going up and down. When it is up, it's painfully slow. Hopefully they get the traffic issues sorted out ASAP.

ah ok.

well, I think it's a shame that they can't keep it up and running fast and effortlessly.

I agree that it seems pretty lame to not have anticipated the traffic.