What goes 2 and out and smells like turkey?

Yup the Stamps. This is going to be fugly. Sask 45 Stamps 10

Anyone for some pumpkin pie (-:

Oh well at least Sankey stopped the bleeding for a time.

You definetly need Hank back. I was at the BC Calgary game last week and when Calgary came out they looked very uninspired.

With a few more games under his belt, Sankey can be an excellent backup for Hank! Sankey did pretty good, considering the short time he had to prep with the offense. Who knows what the score would have been had Sankey started?

Wow I hope your ankles heal up for the next game.

Will Hank be back for the Bomber game?

I blieve he will be cleared to play this wednesday he has been throwing the ball for a few days now. I hope they will wait for a few games. I want to see how Sankey will play against the meek team we play in the next two weeks. :lol:

Theres no way i give Burris three weeks off if a doctor says he's good to go. He needs playing time to keep from getting rusty.

Im not sure I'd rush him in this week either. Tough
call. I imagine it'll be Sankey Sunday.

I have to wonder just how bad Hanks seperation really was. Maybe not as bad as orginally thought?

It doesn't appear to be as bad as Ricky Rays judging from how Ray is carrying his arm compared to Burris after the same amount of time post injury.

Not that I'm complaining. Just don't come back too too soon and be toast diving for a first down.