What gives!!

It seems everytime I stick up for myself A post gets locked.
Randw couldn't handle the truth about his teams.
This site is for fun.
Randw you abuse your powers!!!
Was I abusing any of the rules?Not really!!!
You just couldn't handle your little flames,and stamps get knocked down.
Put your head down with shame randw.


Poor little saskargie gets all her posts locked. Good work mods!!!

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

They get locked because they know saskargo is right.
They cany can bring it.However they can't take it.
This site is turning into a joke.
Remember the olden days.Feuds with Gayner69 and I.Those where good times.
Now you say one thing.The posts are locked or deleted.It is a joke!!!
They made as well change this site to barbie.com!!!

Keep posting about your Oilers because they’ll be joining the flames
on the golf course in about two weeks. LOL

Time is running out, just like it did for your Argos last yr.


Hey how are your flames doing?
Yap all you want my team is still in there!!!
How are your stamps doing?
Going to make the playoffs this year?
I bet you they don't.
Hey how did your stamps do against my Argos last year?
Can you say 0 and 2.
Both your teams are pretenders!!!
Your flames can't even get past the first round!!!

Crybaby42.I made the challenge,then you go cryuing to the mods.
Couldn't accept the challenge of Saskargo!!!
Your all talk,no action!!!
Boo hoo!!!
Your a smack talker.
Maybe I shouldn't say this on this PG-13 site.
God bless crybaby42!!!

It was one of the mods who made comment that the whole thread was asinine and I just agreed, R&W made the decision to lock the thread entirely on his own...... if he was the one who locked it out.

Oh O.K. I will call you butkisser42.
Randw is the biggest grade 3 on this site.I don't think he is all there!!
So where is the 10 questions?

Sorry but i dont do trivia. I was never a big fan of trivia games, so call me chicken or whatever you want , but im not here to debate who has more sports knowledge or whatever. Im here to talk football, so if you want to do that , fine, but otherwise, your post will be ignored until you can prove to me that you can have a debate without insulting the person that you are debating with, maybe then I MIGHT consider doing the trivia.

You proved my point.
You say I don't know anything.I was willing to back it up.
You couldn't.
This is why you should shut up.Mind your own business.You show why you are a rider fan.You yap,and that is all youi can do.
Put your little tail between your legs and move on.YOU LOST!!!!!
God bless crybaby42!!!

You guys wouldnt have beaten Detroit without the poor goaltending
Detroit got, enjoy the extra 2 weeks!!!!

To be the best you got to beat the best!!WE DID!!!
How are your Flames doing?
Hey crybaby42 how are your Habs doing?
Hey my Oilers are still in.Your guys teams are done.Not good enough.
TO FUNNY!!!!!!

No you proved my point SA, that you are one pathetic person. First off, I never accepted your little challenge, and second, trivia questions dont prove a thing, I could come up with some obscure questions that you dont know, and you could do the same to me, to prove what? It happened again SA. You dont have any knowledge of me or the games of football or hockey, and I would say that my posts prove that I am knowledgeable, save for the one mistake about who Hatcher plays for, but you have not yet proven that you are knowledgeable. As for you knowing , did your hub have to tell or did you deduce that on your own?

That thread was locked because all that was happening is name calling and insults. There was no productive discussion. Threads are locked for specific reasons, and posts are deleted for specific reasons. If people knew how to have a discussion - even a heated one - without resorting to assinine comments and repetitive insults, locking/deleting would never have to happen. Mods don't just go around locking things down willy-nilly.

Before you go accusing people of things, saskargo, please ensure you have the right person in question. RedandWhite was not the only mod who decided that thread should be locked, and he himself did not lock it.

There you go yapping again.Accept your loss and move on.
Your are no match for Saskargo.
You said I don't know anything.I gave you a chance to prove it.You couldn't.Just move on.

Ok , ill give you one. In 1977 Sask was playing Hamilton. Sask led at half 20-3. The rider coach(Jim Eddy) decided to put his backup in cause his parents were watching form the stands. Name that backup QB.

That all I want to do jm02.I want to have a heated debate.
I have no problem with that.
I also like to have a little fun.Rubbing it in flames fans faces.Your telling me they wouldn't do the same?
This site is turning into a joke.
If someone was threatening or useing abusive languagfe.Then I would say lock it.If not just ignore it.Like come on.
These little boys were saying I didn't know anything.I said prove me wrong.
It is not like I'm really calling them bad names.LIGHTEN UP!!!

Very good crybaby you stumped me.I don’t know.it was before my time.
Here you want a trivia question.I will make it fare for you.
Who was the last Greenandwhite qb to wear the number 7.

Times up.
It was the greatest Roughrider qb of all time.MARVIN GRAVES!!!!!