What gives anyhow?

why are so many of the best athletes such huge head cases.

very disappointed with Saints Thomas, as I have been with so many others.

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They are insulated by colleges, agents, teams and fans giving the ego driven athletes a false sense of importance.

My question in this situation, why wasn't the Police involved in the matter when Thomas did assault C.J. Gardner-Johnson? There should be zero tolerance of Workplace Violence, Sports entities shouldn't be immune to safe employment work regulations set out by State, Provincial and Union legislation.

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Indeed he gave a teammate the famous "Charlie Murphy!" treatment as did Rick James back in the day.

I thought perhaps they were hiding COVID because it was so sudden and their second star along Brees, but it turns out to be true.

Should is the key word - locker room justice prevails with private sports teams though.

In this case it turns out he insulted the coach in front of others as well, and based on tweets by him today it does not sound like this case is closed yet.

If Thomas was insulting Payton in front of the team, he should've been released like what the Jets did to Le'Veon Bell.

I've never been a fan of Payton on how he treats his players. I read about the story on how he treated Breaux. Payton won't look Breaux in the eye before he released him. Tried to goad Breaux into playing hurt is never justified

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I am with you here too.

Payton is dirty as evidenced a decade ago after Bountygate on Brett Favre, and some of the worst officiating ever in the NFL playoffs, in that 2009 NFC Championship game.

He was even suspended from the NFL for a season as the Saints were given other penalties.

Of course perhaps Payton got it handed back to him by karma with that woeful blown no-call in favour of the Rams as we remember in the 2018 NFC Championship game.

And then so much of NFL officiating has been just that bad for too long despite video review!

Well I don't think the Saints will release Michael Thomas for that.

He's not a criminal as is Antonio Brown, and with that level of talent the Patriots gave him a chance even after he slurred the general manager of the Raiders, Mike Mayock.

Locker room justice is at work folks.

Karma is a bitch.

I too notice officiating is atrocious in the NFL. Last night's game awarded a TD pass to Tannenhill when he clearly stepped over the scrimmage line. I realize that the Titans were going to score eventually, but that is lazy officiating

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Well now on that matter of the line of scrimmage though, I disagree because the NFL rule is different than that of the CFL and for American and Canadian football respectively for that matter.

His right foot was still on the line of scrimmage, and by rule, it's any part of the body, that is still on the line of scrimmage that makes it a legal forward pass.

In Canadian football, it's the position of the ball relative to the line of scrimmage that matters not the body of the player.

I wish they drew the line virtually on the screen so as to clarify the call, but this was the first Tuesday night game in several decades and not the prime production crew of CBS.

Well who knows, but especially in this year, crazy seems to be the norm lately.

Like folks used to say in Florida when I lived there, like moonshine make sure then you are crazy goood.

That's not a misspelling. :grin: