What Game Worn Jersey's Did I Miss at the Locker Room Sale?

As a collector of CFL game worn jerseys, I was dissappointed that I couldn't make the locker room sale this year. Any good "gamers" this year? Anyone got any for sale (all teams)?

They had a lot of game worns from the last few years but none of them had any names on them. In fact, some of them had never actually been used in a game. I was going to buy one but since the names were removed I didn't.

If you wanted Name Stuff the Best Deal was the Name tag off the Lockers.

You didn't miss anythig Will.

Thanks Tigger! I am glad to hear that.

WilltheThrill...... I have 3 that could be purchased for a fair price... 3 game worn and autographed, away Jerseys, The last ones to be worn in the playoffs of 2004.... We lost to the double Blue that year in T.O. I have a #13 Jason Currie.... a bit of a poor year from him as he was a little injured that season.... I have a #25 Aidoo, I still like that guy and will miss him this year... And the best for last, a 2004 allstar team player, with 63 sacks, #49 Tim Cheatwood!! All worn in the playoffs in T.O., autographed and also documented by a letter signed by Ron Lancaster...... e-mail me at veggyguy1@canoemail.com.... Of coarse, if your interested????