What game will be the first rider loss.

Man they are on a hot streak with three different quarterbacks. Which proves it is a team game. Another reason why I think people are too hard on printers. Anyway this is about the riders. Is anyone predicting an 18-0 finish. I say they lose against EE next time. EE is hot and inspired right now.

I wouldn't be surprised if we lost to Calgary this week, but if we get past this game, I don't think we'll lose to the Esks. The bye week will be welcomed and hopefully MD will be reevaluated to see what the actual problem is. Hell, if the Peg keeps playing terrible the Riders might be able to pull off 10-0.

Wishful thinking though.

i say their next loss will be against B.C.

The only team they haven’t played yet is the Bombers? I wouldn’t be surprised if they lose that one to an underachieving team that needs a big win.

If the Riders get by Calgary (BIG IF), then it will be a crapshoot as to who will beat them. The thing is, they are not "owning" teams or blowing them out. All of the wins have been close which means a play here or a play there and they lose. It is a far cry from the Patriots who were destroying everyone they played.

Riders are a lot like the BC Lions of a few seasons ago, when the Lions started 11-0. Very injured, winning close (sometimes lucky) games but getting it done. However, once you get that first loss, back to reality.

It's not hard to destroy a team when you pile up on 'em... :stuck_out_tongue:

As for who the Riders lose to... Against Calgary, in Edmonton, and in Winnipeg are all good bets, especially after seeing how they played in the second half last week.

hell even the ticats could destroy teams when they are cheating.

and the patriots didn't destroy every team they played.

they should have lost to the eagles and ravens. and then almost lost to the giants in week 17.

Yeah, the Pats would have lost to the Ravens had the Ravens' mongoloid head coach not called a time-out that was only noticed after the play on which the Ravens' D had stuffed the Patriots. They definitely weren't blowing out every team they faced, just most of 'em.

In any case, I'm picking Calgary to end the Riders' win streak this week.

I think they lose to Edmonton. I see Burris self destructing in Regina.


Its all about Wes Cates being able to stay as good as he has been.

Could be, btw, the temporary 2000 seats sold out in 17 minutes.

I can't see the Riders coming into commonwealth and winning. They always have a difficult time here.

17 minutes? That’s insane.

And for those who felt the need to point out the Patriots close games, I realize they had some where they could/should have lost. My reference was to the fact that until their 9th game, no one was even close. Whereas the Riders have been in several tight games.

Wes Cates meet Mr Armour.

He'll be the guy with steam coming out of his helmet.

Wes should take his old team mate out for dinner prior to the game. Armour has a lot to prove in this game.

I dont believe they were ever teammates, unless it was before turning pro.

Yes your right take him out for dinner anyway! LOL

is dominguez injured?