What game did the 'Ticats.ca Staff' watch last week?

[b][i]2013-09-07 06:15:00 Ticats.ca Staff

The Tiger-Cats will be out for revenge this Saturday as they tangle with the BC Lions in the second half of their back-to-back series.

The Ticats fell just short of victory last weekend, as quarterback Travis Lulay and the Lions handed the Black and Gold a 37–34 loss.[/i][/b]

I could have sworn the final score was 29 - 26 ?

Whomever wrote that is disconnected with reality, and obviously not really a football person.

That was the score of the Edm @ Cal game last week.

WOW! What a bunch of morons! What kind of idiot gets scores mixed up? They should hire people off this forum… it seems most have never made a mistake.

Seriously… It’s obviously a mistake. It’s definitely not necessary to have a thread discussing a typo on the website… it’s gameday for christs sake!

I think it was a Rob Black post.