Honestly, when the Lions lose to the Riders what excuse will they have. 40,000 + fans in their home stadium and they still lose!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Gosh, it will be very hard to take for many Lions fans. Particularly for those who dislike the lowest payroll team in the CFL-- the Riders who are a true TEAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Forewarning- Paul McCallum is kicking for you!!!!!!! :lol:

  • should be a great game though!!!
    Long live the CFL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

....And with all that Canned noise to boot. Wow, what a momentous defeat it will be. I am not sure the Lions will recover!!!!!!!!!!
Best wishes Lions fans on your recovery. - - -rider pride nation wide

Man, Turkey, you are certainly doing a lot of trash talking. Granted, I hope you're right... But I'd hate to see what would happen if you're wrong. :lol:

Lame come up with some new stuff not just copied and changing the name.

Chief- you are a kind soul. But, truth is the sun will rise the next day regardless of the outcome. This is only a game after all that brings out the best in Canadian loyalties. I am a proud Canadian and will support the Lions as the west representative if they win just as I would if the Eskimos won. I have no true animosity against Leos fans except they are arrogant (some of them) and the Riders are competitive and should give them a game!! The Cfl promotes great rivalries but in the end we are all Canadians!!!
Long live the CFL!!!

Booby P-- ( I wrote Booby on purpose!)
Admit it , you are worried!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You deep down fear losing to mY riders. And, it will very difficult for you to swallow!!

Kerry Joseph for MVP!!
Luca Congi- best kicker in CFL!!

One lst thign BoobyP. I have been a football player, and coach. the difference between winners and losers is that winners - 'Dare to win' while losers 'fear losing'. I believe the Riders have the attitude that they will dare to win rather than worry about losing in front of all their fans like the Lions. The Lions have much more to lose than the Riders!!!
Admit it - your are scared and so are the Lions!!

Hear, hear, Turkey! :smiley:

Luca Congi best kicker? Sounds more like a side dish you have with your crow...

Ha- It does come to think of it!!
lol- good point 81reasons!!

Hey I like boobbys. Just not some of your better work. It really doesnt bother me who wins aslong as theres a league. It would be nice to say I told you so tho. 8)

You spelt boobies wrong!

I'll give you a C+ for trying Turkeynuts. You'll bring it to the smackoff if you're a real man err.. turkey.

Yah I know but thats the way he speeled it. Sounds the same.

oops spelled. not speeled thats kind of funny.

I won't have any excuses when the Lions win but what excuses will the Riders have?

Way more orange in the stadium than expected?
Should have been louder with all that canned noise?
Officials ran out on the field too slow?
The coin toss was fixed?

I'm sure both teams' fans will have excuses so I'm hoping it's down to a minimum. I'm crossing my fingers.

try 60,000+ as of today 56,000 and it took me awhile to track down tickets, none from 7-11 downtown, had to go to the stadium to buy.

And if its anything like the last regular season game, i should have about 20-30 of my friends there, i've been really trying to get them into the Lions for years and now they are finally.

Gosh the silence during the 4th quarter will be brutal for Lions fans. Until the swell of boos begin to dominate the dome. It will be sad cuz the Lions have overcome adversity this year and done quite well. Oh well, better luck next season!
Riders will Rule
Rider Pride Nation Wide

p.s. Hope you heal quickly E.T. You deserved to be there for the BIG WIN!!

I got a list prepared if I should need it.
Theyll be BOOING all game the Rider offense.
How many time count violations did they take last year again I think 6 not sure though.