What Exactly IS a Condell Offense?

I'm not a great X's and O's guy. Can someone help me? Is it a real "system" or is it just a hot mess?


Hard to tell when the starting QB is out of action and now the back-up is gone too.
Add a very weak O-line, way to many penalties and a distinct lack of a running game....and no wonder the offence is tough to figure out. :?

I think the offence is easy to figure out. Find out what's not working and stick to it till it does

The one that took HAM to the GC last year ?

and then we released the QB and veteran center, forgot about using our RB as a running back and made our QB a running back resulting in our 1st and 2nd QBs being injuried running for their lives

It's an offence that leverages the tools you have. Everyone's ripping on Condell and Austin about the offence but I don't get it.

Against Calgary the offence out up 450 yards of offence including 109 on the ground. They did this with a mess of an offensive line, the 2nd and 3rd string quarterbacks, and the back up running back. They started virtually every drive at their own 10 yard line and didn't have a 2 and out until Dan's knee gave out and blew up on him.

People on these forums are awfully quick to turn. I get it 1-6 sucks. The truth is we've been competitive with every team in the league. Don't forget that the team Austin inherited was old and AWFUL. You don't rebuild that mess in a year if you want long term stability. I love the progress. I believe that Collaros is a guy that can QB at a high level in this league for a decade or more. We've put together a great receiving core and CJ is awesome. The Oline is broken and needs fixed or replaced.

While I'm at it, props to coaches Stein and Rein. The defence, while still progressing, continues to get younger and more talented than the mess we had two years ago and the special teams continue to be special.

Maybe it's rose coloured glasses for this Ticats fan, but I'm still fully on board with the path we're taking.

What I'm really looking for is someone who can break down the general offensive plan favoured by Condell.

If he has the tools, then what are his tendencies? Does he prefer quick strikes or game control? Is his offense balanced - or even balanced in one area. In other words, does he mix it up within the passing game? Are his sets elaborate? Does he like misdirection or does he just come at you wide open?

What IS his opinion of the running game? How would he like to use it if he had the tools?

Is his kind of offense geared to being adaptable to different player skill sets or does he require a very specific type of player at one or all positions?

It's really hard to tell anything from this year's mess with all the injuries and - as I said - I'm a fan and not a coach. I would like to know how to begin evaluating Condell's performance rather than just going by my feelings and to do that I have to know if he is using what he has and what he's trying to do.

What Exactly IS a Condell Offense?
something that don’t work :lol:

It's not Condell's offense. He's running Austin's system.

I touched upon this subject here ... viewtopic.php?f=5&t=91479

Great post Tigerscoach. I dont think your using rose coloured glasses just the facts. Still there are some issues that are not so good but thats life in the CFL. Depth is always a challenge and QB is so key. We're in a hole but a few injury returns could turn things around quick!

leaning towards hot mess.

i think its been such a cluster that Condell's likely had to switch whatever system he'd like to run. add in games at Mac with the camera angles and you cant get an idea what he's doing

but we do know 2 things. he dont like to throw deep or run. but given Dans arm strength and the Oline. cant blame him really

An offense that can be easily modified to suit your 3rd-5th string QB, your back-up RB and your 5-10th string O-linemen? :wink: If we lose anyone else from the O-line I expect them to canvass the crowd for players.

Post of the Month Award.

An offense where a runningback is a glorified tight end out of the backfield. I am so sick and tired of us not running the ball. Sure Lefevour was running it but that's completely different then actually establishing a run game with a runningback. It kills me too, Condell keeps running play action plays like he is fooling the defence or something.

But FG's description of the offense is bang on. Too much thinking going on instead of just doing. Instead of lining up and simply running a hook or slant or whatever, the receivers have to do a lot decision making on the fly while also trying to remain in sync with the QB. It's a very complicated offense that works brilliantly with the right personnel but at this point I agree we need to simplify everyone except Fantuz who understands how to work in space well. Collaros missing all these games is a massive hit to the team too and would be another reason to simplify a bit for when he comes back since he will only have half a season to pull off a miracle.

But I think the biggest thing right now is establishing an actual run game. I don't know who told Condell that not running the ball would work, but they were sorely wrong. Our QBs have more carries than our runningbacks ... when does that ever happen??? Gable is a monster, give him the ball! ...When he is healthy again but even Madu looks good.

Look at the best teams in the league aka the West, they all have great running games. I wish we had just hired Cortez to be our OC and never HC :x