What ever happenned to Spurgyn Wynn?

I probably spelt his name wrong but he played pretty decently when he replaced Damon last year. I'm not recommending him as a possible replacement or solution, but it just seems like he dropped off the edge of the earth.

Big Macs

Played decently when he replaced Allen?? Were you watching the same game I was? He started and played pretty much the whole game against Montreal, and couldn't even get the Argos' offence past midfield ONCE! Not even ONCE!

That's not my definition of "decent".

As to where he is now, probably sitting at that bar somewhere where all the other failed CFL QBs hang out, along with Stanley Jackson, Ted White, Tee Martin, Dan Crowley, et al.

Not only that, but Spurgeon Wynn's near decapitation in the Rider game in Regina where Ricky Williams had his arm broken was enough for Doug Flutie to cool the jets on talks with the Argos for a possible comeback while Damon Allen was on the shelf.

[url=http://sportstats.contracostatimes.com/default.asp?c=contracosta&page=cfl/news/AJN4031842.htm]http://sportstats.contracostatimes.com/ ... 031842.htm[/url]

Oski Wee Wee,

Funny you should ask,just last week he was selling me a Slurpee at the local 7-11, :lol:

That's funny - Wynn seemed to play well against us last year.

I think the lesson is, if you're a backup QB who's going to get into a game, try to do it against the Ticats.

(Prove me wrong tonight, boys!)

If he only played in that one game against us then Marcel probably would have traded Flick and Smith to get him.

Speaking of Dan Crowley - he REALLY fell off the face of the earth. Seems I recall he was a starter on Edmonton, and then what happened?
Anyone remember?

The Eagle - :cowboy: :cowboy: :cowboy:

i think he was in ottawa for a while.. he had a falling out there, and never resurfaced in the cfl

Well How about nelon greene he has proven him self y not and he no longer on the als roster

Was it one of the 7-11 stores that were recently converted to Kwik-E-Marts?


Who needs the Kwik-E-Mart? Wynn does? :slight_smile:

(And yes, I know he would have served a Squishee in that case, not a Slurpee.)

But seriously, I'm not sure where Wynn is now. It would have made at least some sense for the blue team to pick him up rather than Butler. Wynn has more experience with having the current blue team members as his teammates.

But speaking of Butler,

Good one. Like I mentioned before, it's impressive that the blue team did not have to give up a starting receiver and starting non-import offensive lineman to get him.

And to answer the "where are they now" questions, I don;t think Crowley ever started in Edmonton except when quarterbacks higher on the depth chart there were injured. But I recall he was the first pick of the Ottawa Renegades in their expansion draft, and was their starter until Kerry Joseph came along. Then he seemed to disappear after that. He had been around for a while, as you can see if you read the section on Ottawa in this article.

As for Greene, he got cut be Montreal in this off-season, probably because he was a backup making a starter's salary.

i dont know where he is but i got an interesting fact on him. he was drafted ahead of one of the best qbs in the game today tom brady.