What ever happened to...?

Winston October? Haven't heard about him in years. He just disappeared.

He was cut last year, no one picked him up.

Oh Yeah! I loved that guy! One of the best names in all of sports

all i remember is Winston October=Punt Returns

Not only him but does anyone know what happend to Archie Amerson?

His name isnt as cool as Winston October so who cares? :lol: :lol:

That's true.

I prefer J-Rock over Johnson, seeing as i'am a slight raiders fan.

Best all time names in the CFL:
Wonderful Mohns-I actually seen him play!LOL
Prince McJunkins III

I wonder where they are now?

Raiders...pfft lol. I dont really like the Lions, but I like Calvin Johnson

Wow Ive never heard of either of those guys. But I one question after reading that. How does the name Prince McJunkins last three generations? lol

I don't think it was actually McJunkins, I recall a Prince "something" the 3rd, McJunkins just doesn't sound right though.