What ever happend to Kordell Stewart?

Remember when the NFL and CFL did a few cross promotion commercials?

Kordell Stewart was in at least one of them. What ever happend to him? I’m surprised that once the Steelers were done with him that he didn’t try his hand at the CFL.

He was on Pro Vs Joe on Spike TV This Year.
Semi Retired also On the Show Bad Moon Rison..

He's probably driving a school bus in Georgia.

Andre Rison has a show? Is it on ESPN 10 or something?

And he didn't come to the cfl because he played for a few other teams as a third stringer and once no one signed him he just sat around and waited for an NFL team to call. He thinks he's too good for the CFL. He wouldn't have taken the league seriously enough anyway and would have came over all out of shape and not mentally prepared.

I don't know what happend to that guy. Was it the money getting to his head? He was a good QB and then suddenly he just stunk up the league.

maybe he other Issuies do deal with.
Life can sometimes get in the way of Football.
He was very good when Tom Clements was his QB Coach.

He thinks he's too good for the CFL.

He didn't come here to play therefore he's too good for the CFL? Come on there Drexl, doesn't mean he thought of himself too good for the CFL because he didn't come here. :?

I bumped into Kordell last night,He biggie sized my fries and pop at the drive through at Rotten Ronnies. :rockin: :slight_smile: