What else the Eskimos? Article written by D Brown

As we all know Doug Brown plays for the Bombers and he wroter this article regarding the Eskies and the CFL.

In the wake of the Edmonton Eskimos' Grey Cup victory, we have been forced to stomach a week's worth of stories exalting the character and fortitude the Eskies displayed in winning yet another CFL championship.

Well, it's high time we stopped pretending we were surprised and impressed with the result. If this league were anymore geared towards the success of the self-anointed "City of Champions," we would hand out first-round draft picks based on prospective drill sites.

The CFL has always been a cash-driven society and everybody knows that the Green and Gold are flush with it. In most other sporting associations it doesn't necessarily matter how much revenue your team generates because there is only so much you can allocate to your roster.

A salary cap levels the playing field for member clubs that don't have equal footing when it comes to market size or population. When there is no salary cap (like in the CFL) competitive balance is merely an illusion that those with all the money and power hope you will buy into. Of course in any given year, any team in the CFL has a chance to compete and win it all -- this is not a column with a defeatist spin, just a realist one. Yet when you look at performance trends over time and see that the Eskimos haven't missed the playoffs in 34 consecutive years, there are more processes going on here than simply "Organizational Excellence."

The influence of money and power from a single franchise in the CFL is best evidenced by how it channels the unsolicited recruitment of all-star players. Scott Flory, a non-import guard in Montreal who is one of the premier linemen in the CFL, is soon to become a free agent in February.
Speaking casually with some of his teammates during the 2005 season, they were already somewhat resigned to the fact that he would end up in Edmonton in 2006. Of course the Alouettes still have several months to re-sign Flory and technically, if he makes it to free agency, all nine teams would be able to bid on him. So why would some of his teammates think he was already destined for Edmonton? Because whether it is Grey Cups or all-star players or league policies, Edmonton gets what Edmonton wants. Trying to argue this point with anyone will only make you look foolish and uninformed.

Money can also apparently make you sound cock sure, beyond belief. Have you ever heard of a player talking about next year's championship trophy before he has even had his name inscribed on this year's prize? Joe Montford knows what makes things go round in the CFL and that Edmonton has the capacity to buy their way into post-season contention on any given Sunday. Why else would he tell the Edmonton Sun "We're going back to Winnipeg (next year) so I can get my Grey Cup in Winnipeg." He never used to talk like that when he was in Hamilton or even Toronto.

Montford could also become a free agent this off-season and not many teams wouldn't be interested in acquiring a man with his resume. But it's a good thing he wants to stay in the city of black gold because he would have to sneeze at a big bag of cash to go anywhere else.

Hugh Campbell, CEO and president of the Eskimos, told the Edmonton Sun that, "We want him back and we will get him back." That would normally be a pretty presumptuous thing to say if the CFL was a place where all of its teams could compete equally for its resources, but Hugh knows better. Without a salary cap nobody can tell Campbell who he can and cannot sign due to salary constraints.

In 2005, Edmonton was once again tops at the box office, averaging just under 10,000 fans more per game than their next closest competitor (B.C.), and over 16,000 fans per game than the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. Multiply that by an average ticket price of $20 and 10 home games and you come up with well over $3 million just from selling tickets.

Nothing is wrong with this kind of profitability of course, except when a disparity in revenue translates into disparities on the field. This is why I am less than impressed with the accomplishments or accolades of the Eskimos. After all, as it was put to me by a retired CFL veteran, any team in the CFL can win if the stars align for them, but when you have that kind of dough and no cap on spending, you can afford to align the "stars" yourself.

Sounds like Doug Brown's going to become an Eskimo too, once his contract expires...

......LOL.....god one jebus, amkes you wonder though......

Word’s well said…the esk’s spend cash and win championships…fills the seat’s also.
Bomber’s should try this technique…just might work…

or the Riders and Bombers can try this and make it a 7 team league once they go bankrupt. Same with would happen if the Twins, ROyals, Brewers, Jays tried to spend like the Yankees, they'd all be at home watching.

He's right about a salary cap, it brings parity and makes the league more interesting. It's not who can buy the best talent, it is who can scout the best talent, draft the best talent, trade for the best talent and still meet the budget set out by the league. It's who has the best run organization.

Do you think the Yankees would have been this competitive in baseball if they were only allowed to spend 1/4 of their current payroll, comparable to other teams?

I really hope that they get a salary cap in place, since hoefully it would force more players to change teams more often, which could create better rivalries. Just look at what Burris leaving Calgary did.

Agree rough fan...the cap will be 3.5 mill..just enough for rich teams to win.
The Bomber's could of spent 200 grand on two proven def backs..but they did not.
The revenue they lost in lack of seat sale's was huge.
Good draft picks and cash goes a long way in the CFL..

...I think Dougie is gearing up for a career in journalism.....well spoken guy who isn't afraid to tell it like it is....hope he stays with the football game for quite awhile longer ...too good a player to let go to the media....he'll probably be a target now for Huey and his gang but Brown is a big guy who can take care of himself....and his position on and off the field....good article Doug... :!:

I would bet he is off Huey's Xmas card list. But again the problem just is not with the Eskies but Hamilton to take part. If I was Huey dam rights I would take advantage of Hamilton. And again I believe they were with in the rules. So next year I guess we will see if other teams play by these same tactics or will the league step in and stop the loaning of players. Can you blame players for going to the place that gives them more money. But teams such as the Eskies tweaking the rules sure does not help the league. Just like Ron Rooke going after Burris prior to the end of his contract. That was not right but it was done.The league fined the Stamps a small amount that is laughable but it also cost Ron Rooke his job. We need a league leader that has guts to stand up for the whole league and not allow for the rules to be stretched! IMO

But cash shouldn't go far in the CFL. Good coaching, good management, good scouting, good chemistry should be things that make a team successful. More cash shouldn't make a team great but the way a team uses their allotted cash.

And if the salary cap is 3.8 million they should enforce it better or this league will go the way of MLB.

It should never come down to 'if I would have spent more money' it should come down maybe if we would have scouted better or coached better or etc.

Note to those complaining about the Eskimos' success:
Fill your stadium with 40, 000+ fans at nearly every game and you can have all the free agents you want.

Yes it is that simple eskimoooos. But for some markets that is a heck of a lot easier said then done. Based on population, The Riders and bombers do fairly well. That is why a Salary Cap is necesary, It allows a level playing feild. It allows all teams to have a chance for certain free agents. I know its probably fun being on top of the league for this long. But you would be singing a different tune if you were a fan of any other team.

I honestly want to see how the Eskimos fans fill the stadium if they have a 4-12 team. I think they would still do well in attendance, but that is what proves to me whether you have good fans. Calgary showed it the last few years.

Do you even get what a salary cap is for? Do you understand why the NHL is a much better league with one? Do you understand why baseball sucks because there is no parity?

Some teams make more money than some teams in all leagues but that shouldn't give them an advantage on the field.

I'm not complaining about the Esks success, I just strongly believe this league would be better if all teams were playing on the same equal footing.

I complain about the Esks success, and I stand by it. The Eskimos success this year showed everyone why the double E stands for "Evil Empire" and "Everybody's Enemy". It is true that they can buy a championship; it is true that they are the New York Yankees of the CFL. If you have any doubt, look at the consistent influx of high-price and big-name free agents. Montford, Wiltshire ... and those were only this past offseason. Not to mention the Troy Davis and Dan Comiskey "trade".
Good for Doug Brown for telling it like it is. It's also nice to see that us fans aren't the only ones who see it this way.
Yeah, if I was an Eskimos fan, I'd be saying "so what?" I'd be pretty happy with the status quo. And it's true that money can never guarantee victory. Regardless of the acquisition of Comiskey and Davis, money didn't help the Esks win the Grey Cup ... the Stampeders did, by fumbling the game away.
Roughyfan said it well in his first post - that the Riders and Bombers can spend their way into oblivion. The Stampeders nearly did this back in the early 90's, if memory serves.
The CFL does need a cap, and one that's enforced. Of course, Hughie will still try and break it - my fear is that a blind eye will be turned towards him, since he's so powerful. But, maybe not.
btw, Billy_soup, I don't think Calgary showed that we have "bad" fans the last few years, at all. If anything, the last few years showed how good of fans we DO have. Attendance didn't go up, sure, but the team PLUMETTED. You should have heard how much of a joke it was around this city. There was literally NO respect for the Stampeders, either as a team or as an organization. Yet, we still got crowds over 25,000, consistently. In fact, it wasn't until week 13 of 2003 that we got a crowd under 30,000 (going back to 2000 or 2001, I think). And, that was our only sub-30,000 crowd of the year. We were the laughingstock of the League then ...

Actually CanuckKev, You read my post completely wrong. I was trying to say that Calgary showed they have great fans, becuase they stuck around during the F troop. I completely comend the fans of Calgary for sticking through it. The point I was trying to make is that Edmonton fans have never had to be tested (at least not in my lifetime). They always have a playoff team. I think they would still show up, but I would still like to see them atthe bottom of the list

CanuckKev, Montford was aquired in a trade, he wasn't "bought" as a free agant like you claimed. Also, Comiskey and Davis are a couple of guys nearing the end of their careers who were aquired in a trade for two great young players, a corner with NFL experience and a very good young Canadian receiver. It's not like Hamilton is really on the Esks side or anything.

The only free agents the Esks got last year were Sanchez and Wiltshire. Otherwise the Esks did trade or bring in their own talent.

Fantastic players like Gass, Mobley, Brady, Hevey, Tucker, Maas, Ray, etc. were all scouted and brought into the league by the Eskimos. Don't try and tell me that they don't scout their own talent!

Billy, I thought I may have read your post wrong ... glad to see that I did :wink:

The fact remains that Edmonton routinely breaks the bank, even if it's just to keep their own players ... what about Ottawa "signing" Tucker? (Or was it Hervey. ... I always confuse the two; anyway it was at the beginning of this season)

The Hamilton trade still smells fishy to me ... and even if it wasn't, it's just the same as when an NHL team like Detroit would go and snag up 4 top players on the trade deadline day, to make a playoff run ... it reeks

CanucKev You have to stop being so bitter. What is so wrong in signing the talent that you broght in. Now you and almost everybody else who is not an Eskimo fan keep comparing the Eskimos to the Yankies. This is not a good comparison, for one the Eskimos bring in there own talent ex. Moon, Dunigan, Allen, Ham, Maas, Ray. the Yankies go around and buy all the other teams talent. The only thing the two teams have in comin is that they are the two richest teams in there sport. The only thing that is going to make the CFL more balinced is for the other teams to have a better scouting system. And also about the Hervey or Tucker thing ( I can't remember who it was ether) it was Flemming who volutarly took a pay cut so the Eskimos could sign him.

It was Hervey.

And that's right - Fleming took a pay cut and convinced Hervey to stay in Edmonton. But that was Ottawa's fault. Who in their right mind calls a press conference BEFORE you even have a free agent player signed to a contract?

just a quick fact i saw on tv the other day..... the yankees lost 50-75million this year......... brutal? at least we dont lose money