What effect would an NFL team in Toronto have on the CFL?

I HIGHLY doubt that the Tiger Cats would have any problems with the NFL in Toronto. Ticat fans won't stop going to Ticat games because of the NFL in Toronto. They hate Toronto.

hope you dont mind if a westerner weighs in on this... i found in vancouver, it seems like there is a gerneral dislike for americans and anything american. i dont think its right, its just a the general attitude i find when im there. so im not sure they would accept anything nfl

my next is more of a question... of the 30,000 argo fans that go to the games, how many are going because they dont have nfl? i am just not fully convinced the argos would suffer that much. i dont feel the fans would be like "wow, thank God o got an NFL team now." facts are, cfl fans are fans of the league. how many of us watch all four games every week, not just the ones ith our team? so my question to toronto is, would you abandon your team for an nfl team, or the poeple who want the bills, do they not even go to argo games?

No way in hell would I think about ditching the Argos. If the bills came here I'd cheer against them

i hope the rest of the argo fans feel the same

canadianhothead: Count me as feeling the same.

Why would they (NawFuL) want to play any more games in Toronto, when they could only sell 23,000 non-freebie tickets to the last years regular season game, and about half that amount for this years????? After the 2012 game, the almighty (all the media in Toronto must now bow when I say the word) ""NFL"", will be officially dead in Toronto!!!! :rockin:


Its not going to have an effect, because Toronto is not going to get a franchise. If the NFL expands, too many American cities want franchises, and if they do go outside of the US, Mexico City is more of a possibility than Toronto... and the Bills would not move out of Buffalo without a helluva fight from people wanting(including new owners) to keep the team there. Keep dreaming Toronto, because you have two chances-- slim and none.

People need to stop this NFL in Toronto crap. Toronto is not going to get a NFL team!

Bills experiment has failed big time in Toronto and sends a nice and clear message to NFL that majority of Torontoians don't care about NFL and their slow pace game.

But that being said, Argos need to do a better job of adapting to Toronto's demographic. They need start marketing to visible minority groups and Southern/Eastern Europeans if they want to make a lot of money and get support in Toronto. Right now, visible minorities make up close to 50% of Toronto's population, but if you go to an Argos game in Sky dome, you wouldn't notice that at all.

I was at the American Bowl back in 98 had free tickets from a girlfriends father that was a huge Seahawks fan, the game was boring and those numbers were fudged, Im a Stamps fan and pretty much when the Lions and Stamps played even in the darktimes around 98 and 99 they could pull a half decent crowd. I went to see the Riders play the Lions (again fre tickets from a friend) and the crowd was bad probably about 16,000 people there. That crowd looked bigger than the American Bowl they may have had corporations buy tickets but in the stands it was about guessing 9,000 people it was seriously empty. The game had two clubs that should have got some sort of audience it was Seattle vs San Francisco

The issue is purely a stadium thing.

No single person is willing to put him the 1 billion for a team and another 1 billion for a new stadium that the NFL will require.

The Government won’t fund another stadium in the GTA with 70,000+ seats until they get the Olympic Games.
2020 is when they plan on bidding for the games. However for 2020 IOC members said they should award it to an African nation.

So maybe 2024 at the earliest?

At the time organizers announced 35,000 in attendance for the Vancouver American Bowl, but it looked like much less. It was admitted they gave away a number of complementary tickets. But now, if you read Brunt and the G&M account of the game, it was a roaring success with over 40,000 in attendance...further proof of Canadians undying love for the NFL from sea to shining sea.

The biggest problem for American football to ever get a foothold in Canada, is their live games are plodding and excruciatingly dull in comparison to the wide-open action of the CFL. Fans are accustomed to seeing exhilarating runbacks, extended end runs and the pigskin sailing with non-stop edge-of-your-seat action at football games. Sort of like a summer variation of hockey. NFL games rarely provide such excitement and the Bills vs Dolphins debacle at Skydome last year was so boring it defied description...something along the lines of watching paint dry for $500?

The NFL will never be successful in Canada as long as the CFL flourishes. :rockin:

No differance whatsoever
The corporate whores (same people who dont understand the rules of hockey at Leaf games or baseball at Jays games) would be the only ones going
The Bills cant even give away all thier tickets as price is ridiculous (& I like to naively beleive a real football fan wouldnt want to watch the NFL in Canada)

Visible minorities are across the road at BMO field where you are hard pressed to find a white male
To each his own