What effect will Casey Printers have on Hamilton?

I honestly don't feel that Casey Printers is going to end up doing more than what Maas did in Hamilton. The problem with the ticats the past few years has clearly not been at QB. Going through Khari Jones, Danny McManus, Kevin Eakin, Marcus Brady, Richie Williams, Rocky Butler, Jason Maas, and recently Timmy Chang since 2005, the ticats seem to have a fascination with constantly changing the QB, but still finding no success. Perhaps the franchise should entertain the idea that the problem lies elsewhere; o-line, WRs, offensive scheme rather than expecting a QB to step up and make the difference.

In my honest opinion, Printers is a slight upgrade over Maas at QB due to his scrambling ability, but is it really worth the extra $200,000 or so?

I'm beginning to think there is too much hype around Printers, sure he had one good season in '04, but thats all hes known for(or proven). Mass did the same thing in '04.

Printers 65.8% completion, 5088 yards passing, 35TDs, 10 INTs, 115.0 QB eff.

Maas 65.8% completion, 5270 yards passing, 31 TDs, 14 INTs, 105.1 QB eff.

I still don't see Printers leading this team to much of a better record than what they currently have. I'll repeat once again, I don't think Hamilton has a QB problem, the problem relies with the rest of the offence! I believe i may be proven right, when Hamilton continues to struggle(or imrpoves only slightly) with Printers, and when Maas plays significantly better than he is now for a different team(assuming he is traded)

Your thoughts?

ticats will finish the season 7-11 with printers and make the playoffs, i believe montreal and toronto wont make the playoffs.

printers will definitely pass for over 5000 yards in 2008 and has the ability to rush for over 500 yards as well he will be hands down favorite for M.O.P.

Khari Jones - Is now a colour guy, your point?
Danny McManus - got old, time to move on now a colour guy, your point?
Kevin Eakin - LOUSY, your point?
Marcus Brady - See Kevin Eakin, your point?
Richie Williams - STILL with the team, your point?
Rocky Butler - Ask the Argos, your point?
Jason Maas - 5-19, your point?
Timmy Chang - See Richie Williams, your point?

Perhaps you should entertain the idea that this poll is POINTLESS almost trollish!!

THOSE are my thoughts, maybe your thoughts should stick to Eskie issues huh?

Trollish??? A bit sensitive on the issue of Printers or what? I've brought up a legitamate post about a recent signing in this league. My belief stands, Printers will help the ti-cats, but not as much as people are hyping him up to. It's typtical of football fans to put far too much blame and emphasis on the QB. If you disagree with me that does not make me a troll, by the way.

Well let me see.. you list 8 QB's 2 of which are still WITH the team, 1 of which has NEVER started, another which was an icon here in Hamilton, and the balance.. are gone for a reason.. they EFFIN $uck.

All this on a day when the BEST QB not playing in the CFL that will rival the best PLAYING in the CFL given the tools signs with the Cats, all this in a 1-8 season thus far knowing full well this signing is for NEXT year, makes this a trollish poll/post.

I ask WHY would you think Printers would make a significant difference in 07 with half the season gone knowing it will take MIN 3-4 weeks to learn any significant part of a West Coast offense playbook, leaving Casey a grand total of 5 weeks to improve the Cat's record.

YOUR thoughts??

I think he will really help the TiCats, but because he has to learn the system etc, Im not sure it will be seen until next year.

THANK YOU, this was my point exactly, THAT is why this poll is useless/trollish

Printers is a better quarterback than Maas and Hamilton offense should be improved in 2008. But Printers isn't Superman and Hamilton probably miss playoffs again.

The main effect will, of course, be from his talent but just as important is the swagger and attitude he brings with his talent and overall demeanor. The Cats need this bad, in short, a leader with some swagger. Jason could have been this but his injuries prevented him from being this and therefore he was very, very low key, which is fine so is a Kevin Glenn, but without the physical goods to deliver with the injuries, that with low, low key, almost depressive way he spoke, says failure all the way and the rest of the players saw this I think and fed off of this in some cases.

Printers will definitely help out the TiCats, but they have lots of other problems that need fixing:

  • bad offensive schemes
  • lack of team discipline (too many penalties)
  • lack of quality receivers
  • questionable special teams
  • questionable defensive secondary

I dont think much will change in Hamilton. Maas was not the real problem, I believe it coaching, and lack of coaches that have CFL experience, that know the CFL game. Other than Taafe, he brought in all new coaches that did not a single game of CFL experience.

 The other thing is, Printers doesnt have a game breaking reciever to throw the ball to, outside of Jason Armstead. He will get his catches, but other than that, Printers will have about as much success as Maas had, maybe slightly better results.

You forgot the option of "not much because printers is overrated"

Right on...I could not agree more :thup:

While I believe Printers will help the Ti-Cats improve a little, not much he can do to help those areas.

Printers will succeed once taafe hires:

  • an experienced cfl offensive coordinator that would install a spread offense and fast paced offensive game.

-Give Printers 2 experienced WRs, ideally a speedy deep threat to compliment Armstead and physical possession WR to get tough yards.

Great Post! One player does not make a TEAM! 40 players (Correct my numbers if I'm wrong)are a team.

Disciplineandpunish outlines several other areas that need improvement. Yes, he will help win some games, but if the Ti-Cats Receivers continue to drop balls, and other players continue to take foolish, undisciplined penalties, it wont matter if its Casey Printers, Doug Flutie, Joe Kapp, or Peyton Manning playing Quarterback.

...Printers will give the Cats an added dimension, besdies his accurate arm....and that would be the run....along with Lumsden (when he's healthy)...they will be a dangerous duo.....HOWEVER....the hammer has a lot of issues to address....and a big one is their 'o' line.....any qb. who has to eat the ball continually or who;s running for his life...is not going to move the team the way it should...Glenn had the same problem last yr....he now has monsters up-front...and i would say that has made a tremendous difference in his game...Big problem for the Cats is that these BIG guys with ability don't grow on trees....goodluck :wink:

Yeah. It will take a while. It took Kerry Joseph a while too when he came here.

It will be interesting to see what happens if Hamilton’s O-line causes Printers to spend more time picking the turf from his teeth than throwing the ball, or, if the Ti-cats receivers continue to play dropsy as they have for much of the season so far. Will the $500,000 finger start to point, and if so, how will that go over in the locker room? Someone said Printers brings leadership to the team. If he has that ability, it’s been recently acquired. Maybe he’s matured in the last couple of years – who knows? Or maybe Printers wasn’t a selfish player after all, he was just dyslexic and thought the old expression actually read “There is no team in “I?. In any event, these are interesting times in the CFL.

Printers is coming at the right time, the Hamilton running game really emerged Saturday and that was without Lumsden and the special teams looked good too. The D was shotty at times, but the Mic'd up feature shown on TV may clean things up there once Taaffe see it...The Ti-Cats could be one of the hottest teams in the second half.

Hamilton has Health issues right now that's for sure, they are using the wrong QB(Williams should be starting for basicly the rest of september)

They need consistency, changing (lots of)personal basicly every game is not going to help them.

But will Printers save this team? not really because Maas was not a big issue with the team.
yes Printers would seem to be an improvement as he is more mobile but again Maas wasn't the big issue. It basicly looked like it was time for Maas to move so he could save his career.

Now Hamilton has good Receivers they just need a star WR.
French, Ralph and Bauman can get it done as #2,3,4 Receivers but a number 1 guy is needed(Bauman could develop into that guy)
Armstead or Walker are fine #4/5 guys and Curry was looking to be a solid #6(Returner DI) guy.

if Hamilton got(as a FA) Copeland or Rambo from Calgary, Bruce from TO their receiving core would be set.
Next up is developping a Tackle to start and then have 4 NI OL's(Davis can fight Woodard for the import spot)

After that is their Defence, they need their secondary to Gel and more Power up the Middle(Bekasiak should provide that next year)

Hamilton has a pretty decent team but with their argo loss their season looks done(sorry for all you ti-cat fans) It's looks like time to give more playing time to NI's try to develop more NI starters(and roster flexibility with it)