What duo would you rather have?

Everybody knows about the trade that went down, so im wondering if you guys would have rather kept the first pick in the ottawa draft/college draft and have Kerry Joseph/Andy Fantuz, or Jason Maas/ Corey Holmes?

I know the Maas trade happened before the ottawa problems, but what if we kept Joseph and sent Maas somewhere else, or even kept Maas in a relief Qb/backup role similar to the one he played in Edmonton.

At least Joseph can run with the ball for some positive yardage.

you missed one choice....


The question is moot. No quarterback can succeed with the playbook and playcalling happening on this team. Joseph would fail. it would be worse than the Rens were the last three years.

Am I wrong?

I haven't even mentioned the line play.

There, I just did.

With a decent O-line and a OC that can write a playbook for the palyers we have, Maas and Cory could still be a better fit.

None of the Above..

How about Danny mac and Armsted...

his Quick Release we would need to change the OL

Exactly. It sometimes seems as if Paopao keeps forgetting that he has Corey Holmes at his disposal. Two touches tonight? Holmes can't contribute if he's not being utilized.

And this topic reminds me of a call to thr fifth quarter. And the Ticats did not make that trade with Edmonton, both Joseph and Fantuz could have been Ticats. But we did not know Joseph would be available at that time. And as was stated, Joseph may not have performed much better than Maas with this offense.

And Holmes vs. Fantuz? A most outstanding player nominee vs. Andy Fantuz. No disrespect intended to Fantuz, but...


i forgot the other choice:
HOlmes & Joseph. maybe we can swing a trade with sask. to get joseph back, since rocky butler is doing a nice job for them.

Joseph would probably have more mustard on his picks though, BYF.

Flick and Ralph were clueless tongiht on the 2 picks that went their way -- no effort to fight off the DB to either catch it or knock it away. waiting for the ball.

Receivers coach time. Seriously.

Someone needs to explain to me how we could have got Joseph and Fantuz on our team, given that Fantuz was selected in the draft before our first choice came up.

Anyone who says we should have avoided the whole Edmonton trade, in anticipation of picking up Joseph in the dispersal draft ... don't you think that would have been a bit of a risky strategy when we didn't really know Ottawa was going to fold?

we had one Paul laPolice.. They Fired Him
He now is in Toronto..

my bad, i got confused, its just that this has frustrated me so much that i cant even think straight right now, im too fired up.

In the Maas trade, the first pick in the Canadian college draft was traded to Edmonton. If the Ticats did not make that trade, then they could have picked Fantuz. Or maybe they would have picked Pottinger or Braidwood.

And I do agree with that point about not knowing if Ottawa was going to fold. In fact, I made that same point, as we could not count on waiting for the Renegades to have their operations suspended to pick Joseph off their roster. Then again, with that father-son comedy team (credit to a fifth quarter caller for that one) running the Renegades, maybe we should have known...


In the next hirings, they need a RBs/ WRs and QBs coach, hire 3 seperate guys to work with the skill positions to get the offense in order.