What drives a person to actually hate a player or team?



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The only players that I don't like are dirty players, cheap shot artists, poor sports and taunters. Basically bad attitudes. Completely regardless of uniform or who beats who over the years.

I think a lot of people hate a player simply because they are highly skilled and get attention for being so. There are tons of Chad Owens haters (mostly from Hamilton). Owens is one of the most humble and respectful guys in the league. Doesn't run his mouth. Doesn't chirp smack on twitter. Never complains about the officiating. Makes me wonder why all the haters.

Cornish, is a different story. Talented running back but he's displayed a lack of class on a few occasions. I can understand why people hate on him.

Not sure that many people, even Hamilton fans, hate Chad Owens. We may remind everyone who’ll listen that he has a tendency to fumble a lot (and actually, he’s much better this year), and that he only broke the total yardage record last year because he got a huge number of yards from handling almost all of Toronto’s kickoff returns (and getting a lower average yards per return than pretty much everyone else in the league). But hate? Not that I’ve read on these boards, even on the Ticats forum.

The only players I’ve seen hatred aimed at are the dirty players (or if you prefer, the players who “play on the edge”), and those players who people feel have acted in a disrespectful manner (e.g. Jon Cornish, Chris Williams). Other than that, there’s the whole “hate playing against that guy” thing, but I don’t think that actually hatred of the person, even if it comes across that way.

Not wure why the dislike for Cornish. I mean who hasn't wanted to moon Saskatchewan fans. I don't mind a player who gets a little cheeky now and then. :cowboy: :lol:



I'm with you. Guys like Dwight Anderson, Mike O'Shea, Jason Jiminez are guys that I have zero respect for and I hate that the Riders are employing a few of those guys at the moment (Anderson, Ferri, Kuale). I can't say I hate these individual players as people purely because I don't actually know them, but I hate the way they play football.

That instance was but a small part of why he is so unpopular for Rider fans. He is continually chippy, grabs players when down to try getting up, has given the finger to several fans, etc...there is a pretty big list.

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