What drives a person to actually hate a player or team?

I was reading some comments on another thread by a poster that intrigued me thus the topic.

I don't know fellow forum members but I'm curious to know just exactly what one means when the word hate is used in the context of professional sport. Is it simply an expression loosely used? A figure of speech? Or are some fans driven to the point of actually "hating" a certain player or certain team? And if they actually have such feelings....why?

Let me ask on the assumption that some fans actually do "hate" certain players or teams? What is it that drives a person to the point that they would hate a team of men, few if any, that they've actually met in person? Such so called fans must be functioning at a very low emotional level to have such feelings in my opinion.

Is there not enough bigotry, racism, bullying and senseless hatred in this world? Does it need to spill into the world of sport? If some so called fans are so emotional that they could actually "hate" a certain team or certain players then it makes me wonder how those same fans would feel if the player they hated so much received a career ending debilitating injury during a game. Perhaps while the player is being carried off on an ambulance stretcher and they are clapping [as many concerned fans do] they are clapping for different reasons and are inwardly revelling at the player's misfortunate. :frowning:

How odd that some fans would allow their emotions to get so carried away that they would challenge another fan cheering for the other team to a fight in the stands. How odd that this could be going on in the stands at the end of game while the two teams of players on the field are embracing each other and shaking each other's hands congratulating one another for a hard played game.

I would not like to think I am in the minority when it comes to team rivalries. Would I like to see the Stamps receive a whooping? You bet I would and preferably by the Lions. This does not mean I hate the Stamps. Are there certain players that I have less respect for? Absolutely, but I don't hate these players. My lack of respect is usually due to the dirty way they play the game or the kind of attitude they display in general. Would I want bad things to happen to them? Of course not. Maybe I'm in the minority but I find the expression "hate" an awfully strong emotion to use in the world of sport.

Sport is simply a form of entertainment. It is live theatre. We are the spectators and we're there to be entertained by the cast. It is much like going to a movie or to theatre.

Guys and gals, I consider myself a loyal long time CFL fan but I cannot see the day coming where I could take this sport so seriously that I could end up hating a certain team and its fans or hating certain players regardless of who they play for.

Interesting topic.

I too hear a lot of "I hate this team or I hate that player" Hate is a pretty strong word indeed.

It reminds me of a game I attended at Taylor Field many long years ago with my dad. Labour Day with Bomber fans in the row above us. They were jawing and arguing with the Rider fans in the row below us. No personal insults, just some good old trash talk. This went on all game. The Riders prevailed and I remember being scared (I was pretty young) thinking there was gonna be a brawl.

At the end of the game my fellow RR fans simply left the stadium but a lady BB fan who was a part of the jawing leaned down to my dad and apologized for the barking back and forth. She said it was all in good fun, that she just loved the CFL game along with all of its fans and hoped she and her travelling companions hadn't ruined the game for us. My dad responded with "no problem, I loved the extra entertainment" and shared a good laugh with her.

Her and my dad's actions left a lasting impression with me that I try to carry into all events in my life.

Do I love my Riders? Absolutely! But moreover, I love the CFL game and all its teams. In fact, I enjoy a great display of entertainment period. It should NEVER disintegrate into a fist fight EVER.

So go out there Riders and beat Calgary this week because I really ha..........don't love those guys as much as the Green Machine.


I don't know if its real hate or not, but I use, or used to use, the expression when

1 - talking about joe galat for almost single handedly destroying the lions on and off the field
2 - talking about Dung, son of Bum, Philips for doing Doug Flutie wrong
3 - talking about dirty players like Todd Bertuzzi, rob murphy, jiminez, and kalif Mitchell.
4 - when referencing wpg fans who chant BC SUCKS when they are not even playing the LIONS
5 - I used to say/believe that I hated the stampeders after they deliberately took a penalty to put an already injured Lancaster out of a game, Hated them until Flutie went to play for them and I had to reluctantly cheer for them.

I don't really use the word hate so much now as simply go with serious contempt

I don't hate any players. I don't know any personally, so how could I? But there are a few players where I "strongly dislike" the way they play, or that I "strongly dislike" the fact that they seem to get away with more than other players.

And yes, I dislike their play or their free pass more when they play for another team - especially if that team is the Argos. I "strongly disliked" the play of players like Oshea or Jimenez when they played for other teams, but when they played for the Ticats, it was more that I cringed whenever they did anything that I considered dirty. And while part of that was that I was always afraid that they were going to hurt the team with a penalty, it was mostly that I was always afraid they were going to severely injure someone.

there is only one football team I "hate" (and I wouldn't say I hate them...I would simply never chear for them)...Dallas...and that is because of trying to thrust the "America's Team" upon people.

There are teams I admit I love to see lose, but do not hate...I can still watch them play and compliment a well played game...I love the game first, my favoured teams secondly, though that is often blurred....but of course I will cheer for my team above any other. I mainly cheer for other teams based upon how a win or loss best benifits my team.

I have kicked people out of my seats when I have brought them to games and they cheer an injury.

I have often felt bitterness or resentment towards clubs at given points, but never hate (marquee player era being one of those times). Other times are when clear disregard for a players well being is shown by the actions of another player...I can still respect that player's talents, but I get extremely frustrated by players who take cheap shots.

I generally don't hang around people who 'hate' teams, because it is often a reflection of deepers seeded issues that surface too often, and I simply don't want to be around it.

I generally feel that most who hate a team have one of these:

  • a serious mental imbalance and struggle with social norms
  • feel this makes then "cool"
  • feel that you need to hate rivals or you are not a fan

I hate canned vegitables, that's about it.

Too many fans out there unable to distinguish manufactured drama from reality. It’s just a football game, people. It ain’t life or death, not even close…

...you gotta admit though, that's pretty funny...

I think it comes down to the word hate is far easier to say being one syllable and comes off the tounge far easier then dislike, disgust or deeply annoy and it's often to pickup on what is fundamentally annoyance with a player/team vs true hatred for a player/team.

It most cases, my hatred for them is restricted to having them suffer within the game itself.

Steroid users I generally have some legit hatred and rancor for. It's cheating, plain and simple, a dirty hit there can be leeway there that it might have been an accident, but substance abuse? No, it's made clear when you sign on that there is a zero tolerance policy for performance enhancing drugs and that if you are taking medication of any kind, you need to let your team, the league and the PA know. You can argue if we should be allowing or having performancing enhancing drugs all day but when it comes down to it, if the rulebook says "You aren't allowed to take this" then you aren't allowed to take it. No exceptions, and it only upsets me more when they try to weasel out of it. As far as I'm concerned, throw the book at 'em and that's the end of it.

Same with players who become criminals, yes we live in a society where we try to rehabilitate criminals, I get that, but that's why we don't have the death penalty, that's why parole exsists, that's why we have halfway houses and large sentencing leeways based on situation (not because I play Pro-Football, or I'm this celebrity). If you don't want to do the time, don't do the crime, and just because you can catch a ball well, doesn't mean you should be exempt. It's not hard to follow the law.

Needless to say I feel the same way about general rule breakers, but unless they are repeat offenders or are espcially vicious or blatant offenders, rarely is the Rancor legitimate and long lasting. Even more so when they aren't apologetic about it either.

Apart from that, there's not a lot of football related people who I legitimately hate, Michael Vick for a while I had true hatred for, but it's died down to indifference and mild disgust. He knows what he did, he's gonna live with that spectre for the rest of his life, he's not worth dwelling on, espcially when you consider how many PETA nuts likely do dwell on it still. That and he did his time, although I still feel he should have had to pay a larger fine do more time, but whatever. At least he's acknowledged he screwed up.

Rogers, the Toronto Media, MLSE and fake Argo fans (Ones who say there are Argo fans, but come to games in suits, not gear and complain how it's not the NFL and have no passion for the team or game and never cheer and complain when other fans cheer against the opposing team and kill the atmosphere) I would say I hold actual Rancor for, although, my hatred for them isn't one where I want to see them get hit by a bus. More like, I want to see them consistently embarassed and maybe be forced to struggle financially as a result of their jerk like actions.

I do express extreme annoyance with many players/organizations, although I wouldn't call it hatred, and my hate is typically restricted to desiring them to encounter failure on the gridiron, mainly because of their cockiness. Beyond the Gridiron though, I wish them no ill will and I don't want to see them injured in any way. Tom Brady, The Patriots, The Packers, Chris Williams, Chad Owens and a good chunk of Basketball players.

Last but not least, there is rivalry hatred. The "hate" which is more a form of affection then Rancor. The Argos and their real fans fall into this catagory, because well the Argos really do suck and the Argos and their fans do need to know that for their own good. Generally any non-Bulldogs goalie in the AHL falls into this catagory, as due Marlies fans and I suppose Leaf fans who happen to be cheering for the Marlies that day.

I think that's part of the appeal of pro-sports. It's a form of escape, it lets us blow off steam and "hate" within the context of that game, that world, that escape. It lets us act in ways we normally wouldn't or desire to beyond that context.

You have made some very well presented points depopulationINC. Thanks. I think most share similar sentiments.

…now BH if your title was “What drives a person to actually hate beets?” then I’d really have something to contribute…

You are either extremely naive, or extremely privileged, or both.

"I think that's part of the appeal of pro-sports. It's a form of escape, it lets us blow off steam and "hate" within the context of that game, that world, that escape. It lets us act in ways we normally wouldn't or desire to beyond that context."...by Hammer

Some very interesting insights Hammer. I highlighted the above because I need to pause and wonder if it is not so much an opportunity to "act" in ways we normally wouldn't but rather a revealing of who we really are inside. Am I getting too cerebral? I need to ask, if it is a form of escape........ escape from what?

I don't have a problem with hate but if you hate a team try to be at least rational. Don't jump on every post about a team because after awhile you simply come off as being petty and bitter.

I think it is much more healthy to cheer for your team and leave the hatred out of it. I may dislike the Riders this year but I will never take their losing as being more important than the Stamps winning. When the hate overrides the support, you are no longer a fan, your in my books are a loser.


note that I used the word spectator, not fan :slight_smile:
fans of the game want to see a game that thrives for all...even Dallas :cowboy:

I work two jobs to make ends meet, and I know plenty of people who have never seen the inside of a courtroom save maybe to fight a traffic ticket, nevermind have a record so I think you are mistaken.

propaganda, the media controls what you think and feel.

So just naive then. Taking one's own super-limited anecdotal experience as the basis for judging the world at large is an absolutely flawed model. Also, not all privilege is material privilege.

Escape from the mundanity, grind and aggravations of everyday life of course. Everyone needs respite in their own way and some take solace in sports. Why sports? Well, why art? Why History? Why Television? It entertains us.

As far as who we really are...well perhaps in a way yes, but I do believe that when we cut loose we aren't wholly revealing who we are. It's certainly a part of us, and it's probably the part most of us keep down and inside because equally a part of our sense of responsibility and motivation. To work that 9-5 job for whatever reason, be it kids, survival or simply because we enjoy the labour.

you don't have to be privileged to be law abiding. You just have to want to bad enough. Its called integrity, respect for what is right and wrong, etc.

For some, it may be harder to break the law than abide by it, but it is not TOO hard that it cannot be done. In the end, it remains a personal choice no matter what your circumstances.

I give some people latitude sometimes when the spirit of the law collides with the letter of the law.

Well how about facts instead, approximately nine in ten Canadians have no criminal record. 90% of us don't seem to have a problem obeying the law, and that's even before we start determining if it was summary or indictable offences, or determining causes for said criminal act.

[url=http://www.thestar.com/sponsored_sections/2008/07/21/the_criminals_among_us.html]http://www.thestar.com/sponsored_sectio ... ng_us.html[/url]

Now when you apply that to a CFL player, and consider poverty (CFL Players (save the practice roster) make at least $48,000 for a half year of work and on average almost double that number) and lack of education (the overwhelming majority being at least high school graduates if not college educated in order to continue playing football) become effective non-factors.

It's not hard, especially when you consider how strong our social safety net, education system and less then 9% poverty rate. If you think I'm being cruel to the 10% well then I guess I'm cruel.