What draft format to use if Ottawa gets 2008 expansion team?

When the Ottawa Renegades expansion draft occurred in 2002, they were allowed to select a total of 32 players, comprised of four players each from the rosters or negotiation lists of the other eight CFL teams:

  • 8 quarterbacks
  • 8 American players
  • 16 Canadian players

The remainder of the roster had to be filled by free agent signings, trades or draft choices.

If Ottawa is awarded a CFL franchise for the 2008 season, should the CFL use the draft format from the 2002 expansion draft? Or should they create a new draft format and, if so, what draft format would you like to see? Your comments are welcome.

I would like to see each team only allowed to protect one of their QB's. Last time, each team was allowed to protect two, which pretty much meant Ottawa had to use a 3rd-stringer as their starter ... Since QB is the most important position in football (arguably more imnportant in Cdn. football), they need to have a good one so as to be reasonably competitive off the bat.

The only team I can really see that stands to lose anything from such a deal is BC.

Otherwise, I think the 2002 format is OK.

Anyone else think the league ought to lower Ottawa's import quota for three years or something and then gradually phase it back in? It would really help them be competitive right out of the gates, and would allow them to seek talent from outside of the current 8 teams.

No, I don't think you can give one team different rules for the season. That would not go over well, and it would look even worse. Let them start of with a stronger base than they could last time, though.

Incidentally, I think the biggest thing left between the Palmer group and owning the Renegades is the expansion draft details ...

I agree with Kev. I was never big on the idea of more imports. I hate having different sets of rules for different teams (it's actually my biggest reason for being anti US expansion).

plus, in a way, it'll HINDER team building. As Ottawa has to get closer to the "real" non-import totals, they'll be forced to release more Americans. Cutting someone who'd been with the team through their early years because you have to fit another Canadian in there seems wrong and counter-productive.

The 2002 system was good because it allowed come flexibility. If Ottawa didn't feel that there was a quality player to choose from, they could instead take a team's 2nd-rounder (IIRC). I like having that option.

If the team had been restored for 2007, I would have liked to see something where former Renegades are made easier to obtain. The 'Gades may not have won a whole lot, but some of them came to be well-liked anyway. Two years later though I don't know if that's logical.

Are you kidding me ? The 2002 draft system they used was the reason why the Renegades never made the playoffs. They were crippled from the start. Dan Crowley never played another down of football after Ottawa cut him and he was the best they could muster for a starter. No other CFL team picked him up not even to play 3rd string. I would rather have players that are hated but are winners than lovealbe losers any day. Are you even an Ottawa fan ?

Yes I am.

I said that I liked the flexibility of that system if you didn’t like a player. I would rather have the choice of taking a draft pick and getting my own guy than being forced to grab the least lousy of bunch of bums.

As far as the QB thing goes, I think part of the problem was that there was absolutely nothing in free agency either. I didn’t mention it before, but yes, I’d prefer to see fewer guys (QB’s) protected. But I thought the overall system was fair.

And as far as being competitive goes, well…Joe Paopao isn’t in the league either, is he? Crowley was lousy, no doubt, but he’s not the only reason the team lost. And the team still didn’t win after he left. One of the few constant was Paopao and his little buddy Kauahi.

Edit: I forgot to cover one point, the thing about liking players.

I meant it from a fan interest perspective. Having a rule whereby teams are not allowed to protect all their former 'Gades might have been a good idea because fans would be happy to hear about a Jason Armstead or Korey Banks returning.

Yes , I agree. Poapoa is a lousy coach and Ottawa should be able to have rights to the players that were on their roster on the final game they played. That includes all QB's (i.e. Joseph, Banks) I was disgusted with the other CFL teams (Sask. and Hamilton especially) who couldn't wait for the Renegades to fold so they could get their hands on the players.

OH BOO HOO!!!!!!!!! Maybe if the fans showed more support of the Gades, they would still be playing football in Ottawa. You are such a whiner, ORR, that it disgusts me. The only way they should get those players back is if some of them WANT to go back to Ottawa. You say the Sask and Hamilton couldnt wait for Ottawa to fold, but you dont back up your claim. Show me some hard evidence this was the case, not just your whiney speculation.

The problem with expansion is the depth of the talent pool at QB. If each team were allowed to protect two QBs, here's what the new expansion team would have to pick from:

Jarious Jackson (BC)
David Corley (Cal)
Stephen LeFlors (Edm)
Durant (Sask)
Dinwiddie (Wpg)
Chang or Williams (Ham)
one of the new guys in Toronto
Palmer (Mtl).

That's not a terribly impressive list; now if you only allowed each team to protect one QB, then the list would look like this:

Dickenson or Pierce (BC)
Akili Smith (Cal)
Trevor Jyles (Edm)
Marcus Crandell (Sask)
Brad Banks (Wpg)
Rocky Butler (Ham)
one of the new guys in Toronto
Marcus Brady (Mtl)

Now that list looks a lot healthier if you're looking for a starting QB who can step right in and run your new expansion team.

So, if we want the new team to have a chance at being competitive right out of the gate, allowing existing teams to only protect one QB is the way to go.

Good illustration. I'm not familiar enough with the other rosters to have done that without going up and down every roster so thanks. :thup:


The Expansion Draft/Ottawa re-entry should be:
3 things:
1.Expansion Draft to be held in December or January
ROSTER PLAYERS ONLY! Teams can protect 3 Imports and 7 NI
Ottawa gets to pick 1 NI and 1 Import per roster

2.Ottawa will get 2 picks per round in the Canadian College Draft for a total of 12 picks(2008 College Draft)
1st Pick per round and 5th pick per round.

3.Ottawa Ownership will get their act together and Form Before August so they can for their Neg List, they can pick 1 Neg list player from each team in December, but get first picking of players being Neg list available this year.

This gives Ottawa:
16 Starters
All other CFL teams keep 22 Starters.
Ottawas Canadian depth is SOLID, 12 Canadian Picks + 8 Canadians so 20 + FA signings.

Now Question will become who will CFL teams leave open.

Look at Winnipeg
They can only protect 3 of:
Glenn, Simpson, Walls, Canada, Charlie, Armstrong, Milt(likely to retire), Malveaux, Malbrough, Goodspeed.
7 of:
Khan, Sheridan, St.Germain, Fiaconni, Franklin, Brown, Gauthier, Westy(could retire), Stoddard.

The problem with Ottawa before, looked to be a short term view or attempt.
the plan should be to have a very young core and build on it.
and of course a major issue is QB's.
But Ottawa was improving,
It is a good reason why The CFL should have 2 teams come into the league in 2008, Ottawa + Moncton/Halifax/Whoever starts building a stadium for 2009.
That way Current CFL teams will be weakened(4 roster players each) and the two expansion teams can beat on each other.

** possible change **

Let Ottawa decide on a team per team basis of either getting a teams 2009 first round pick or another Import.
only from the 6th playoff teams
The two teams that miss the 2007 playoffs will not lose an extra player or possibly a pick.

Now the thing is, Ottawa will have no idea who will have high picks in 2009.
A Limit of only 1 QB can be picked from each CFL team.

now all CFL teams could protect 2 QB or 3 QB's.

But if BC did that and protected their 2 QB's + Simon then Ottawa can get Korey Banks + Rob Murphy.

This gives Ottawa up to:
14 Import(2-3 QB's)(12-13 Starters)
8 Non-Imports(7-8 Starters)

Total of 19-21 Starters. or 13-15 Starters and an extra 6 First round Draft picks in 2009.

All teams could be in a similar situation.

Another thing that tied the Renegades and Tillman's hands was that first year players were exempt from the draft. So along with free agents also being exempt there wasn't a lot to choose from. That's why Tillman had to go with 2nd round draft picks the second time around as there wasn't anybody left to choose from.
I would like to see a phased in plan for the non-imports over three years. 3 starters the first year, 5 the second and then seven the third year. As far as imports being cut back two per year it would be no big deal as most teams replace more than that every year anyway.
It would make more sense to help a new team be competetive this way, but because it would make sense they probably won't do it.

No special rules roster rules.
That's not cool.
However giving them advanced shots at FA's is cool.

FA period opens mid Febuary, allow Ottawa the chance to talk to all prospective FA's in January(along with the FA's former club)

This year that would mean Ottawa could have signed Davin Bush, Sanford Samuels, Ike Charlton, Allen, Brazzell, Cavil.
A good list of other players.(go the FA page to see them all)

Ottawa kinda missed the best year they could have to enter the CFL with all the Vets that got released.

But the key thing is if Ottawa comes in they must build a young core, almost no over 28 players.

First year player excemption does make sense, it gives a wierd impression of the league if you sign with the BCL and get told your going to Ottawa, not by trade but by a random draft.

Ottawa needs to be allowed to start signing players the Second CFL playoffs start(so the 2007 Regular Season ends)
Let them build that team early and give Ottawa a chance to build up canadian depth(12 first year picks does that)