What does your team need the most?

With the Free Agency period underway, what position or positions does your team need the most improvement at?

Let's hear it.

QB for the Bombers

don't think Glenn is our guy

Back up quarterback

a backup QB as well

A backup QB and probably a good DB(one more).

Return specialist who can also play either db or receiver/rb.

Competent owner and management.

guys, state the team your talking about.

so I’m guessing

Winnipeg: new QB
Edmonton: Back up QB (though big Danny Mac can do this)
Montreal: Back up QB and another good DB
Hamilton: return specialist who can also play DB or RB
Ottawa: Competent owner and management (maybe the league can step in and do it for a while)

still need to heat from Calgary, TO, BC, and Sask.

SSK: QB and a Kicker (maybe you guys should ask Ryan)

Up until this past week I would have said a quarterback.....now I'd say a quarterback and a kicker.....kind of obvious, hey?

Saskatchewan nees a starting QB. they need to improve their receiving core. they also need to get a new kicker.

Defense, O line, and RB's are fine the way they are. Trade Kenton Keith already and get rid of Rocky Butler.

BC, Well now that we have our kicker…one, maybe two BETTER offensive Linemen. I’d like to see an upgrade in Linebacker as well. Carl Kidd is getting long in the tooth and I don’t see him as a full time replacement.

Offensive coordinator…I’m starting to see why Calgary was glad to get rid of Chapdelaine.

Kanga, I don't believe I need to mention the team here, everyone knows who the weak link is in the CFL.

Hard to argue there

weak link? they were 7th in the league last season out of 9 teams, hardly the "weak link".

Ottawa needs a fix, but that language is just wrong.

Well, We just signed Macallum, so I would say we need a kicker, and an upgrade to our O line. Oh, and maybe we should give a watch to DD so he can tell how long he is holding on to the ball :lol: Just jokes, Dave is the best qb in the league and as long as he gets an o line, we will finish 1st in the west again, I mean, look at what he did without an o line last year, he might as well been out there by himself at times.
Oh yeah, and we also need Steve Burrato back please!

Yeah, I'd welcome Burrato back for Chapdelaine any day!

and then he got injureid in week 10 and that was it for BC. :roll:

Yes BC only finished in first place after he got injured.

Oh yeah, some guy named Buck Pierce won 1 game too!


Based on????