What does Toronto hope to get in attendance??

Then how the hell did you become an Als fan MJ??....lol

Ah, it was Etcheverry and Patterson, and those winged helmets which really attracted me as a young boy. . .

He might want to learn to count too MJ. It was 20,000. :wink:

Attendance will be 23,486.

That would be a great crowd for Toronto. They will probably be lucky to break 20 000

He was counting the 17,000 paid attendance, not the 3,000 give away tickets at Argo games.

the refs can be blamed for many things, but scheduling isn’t one of them. Since Montreal has no Calvillo and Toronto will be playing a new QB, there may be some interest, but the timing is bad and they’ll be lucky to get 15.000.

I agree, however because of the Tuesday night game, Wednesday is the only day this week there is no football. I love this time of the year.

The Jays really want to put in a grass field for baseball, which means the Argos can't play there. I have heard that they are giving the Argos time to look for something else but they have to give them one years notice. I'm sure that the Rogers Centre doesn't like the extra effort to re-confugure for 8 CFL football a year. It will take longer than one year to build a new stadium, if they ever got funding to do that.

I think Rogers really needs to look after their main tenant and the club they own, the Blue Jays. A new baseball stadium is a long ways away and they know that. To help keep the outdated designed Rogers Centre relevant therefore, putting in grass would help quite a bit, I think St. Louis did that before they built their new stadium, they were playing in one of those bowlish things they used to build way back. So I can appreciate where Rogers is coming from on this.


Where will they get the funding? Well Braley will push some buttons and federal, provincial, and city $$$ will be available to support the CFL of course. I mean its the least they could do for the league

I think if they follow along the lines of how Toronto got a soccer stadium, that should help. Make it a "national training centre and stadium" for the CIS of some sort or a Vanier Cup centre anything to do with an amateur slant (hey, some say the CFL is amateur anyways!), there may be some funding. It's evident that the RC is much more a baseball stadium and if booted out by a corporation such as Rogers for a professional team's needs as the Blue Jays, I think Canada's largest city does deserve to showcase the national gridiron final of the Grey Cup in a football specific stadium, in Canada's largest city. And the Vanier Cup as well.


Previous home game --- 21,157

Oh like 21,000 is a HUGE difference from 17,000 for a Grey Cup Winning Team in a City of 2.5 Million People? Yah Right okay guys give it up are you both really true football fans or just Wannabe Fence Sitting Argo's?

Even last nights attendance of 18,000 and as the Toronto Star said many fans were Frosh Students from the U. of T. so not real fans ton rely upon just like in this case of dealing with Captainklink and Madcow!

I don' t think that will happen. The three levels of government are funding the new Pan Am stadium in Hamilton, they can justify it because of the Pan Am games. There is no way that taxpayers or politicians would approve another stadium in Southern Ontario especially for a team that only plays 9 games and with the lack of interest in the Argos.

Sun article, speculating on possible future of Toronto football:

[url=http://www.torontosun.com/2013/09/03/eventual-argos-sale-could-lead-nfl-to-toronto]http://www.torontosun.com/2013/09/03/ev ... to-toronto[/url]
8) Considering that the TiCats are offering tickets to Saturdays game, to any UofG students with a student card, for
  just $20, it's obvious that even the Cats are having problems getting a sell out crowd, with just 13,000 seats !!   <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

If they can't get a new stadium done in Toronto over the next few years and attendance going to about the 15,000 mark with a decent team, it's time to fold up the tent for the Argos in Toronto as we know it. Which is what will happen anyways once Rogers puts the grass in their stadium, no place to play.

Thanks Ottawa for that article. Interesting though it makes no mention of the Bills and the new lease there or the possibility, although probably remote, that the Bills will get a new home in Buffalo or the local area there. As the article says, Braley isn't getting any younger but neither is Ralph Wilson who I think is close to 95 years old.

Yep! 18,000 with "several thousand" frosh students that left at half time. I think Braley will fold the team.

[url=http://www.thestar.com/sports/argos/2013/09/03/argonauts_no_match_for_alouettes_without_ray_cox.html]http://www.thestar.com/sports/argos/201 ... y_cox.html[/url]